Consultations, Classes, Tuition and Mentoring

In person: in Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Central Glasgow office).

 Via zoom/phone: wherever you happen to be located.

You can email me at

Please note: as from Autumn 2018 I will be continuing to offer appointments to former and existing clients. I will not, however, be offering any appointments for new astrology readings.

I will continue to offer tutorial classes to small groups of students with a firm grasp of the basics of astrology who wish to practice reading charts and discussing topics of interest. I am also hoping to run a small on-line tutorial class at some point during 2018/9. If you are interested in joining such a class, please contact me.

Students studying with reputable courses seeking mentoring as support for their studies are also welcome to contact me, as are practising astrologers looking for confidential support/supervision.

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Anne Whitaker

Astrology links what happens in the individual and collective lives of human beings to the movement of the planets through the solar system of which we are part. It is an art/science charged with power: the power to help you find your place, tiny but unique, in the interconnected world in which we all live, move and have our being.

You can do this through the medium of your carefully calculated birth horoscope, and a conversation: between you, me and the symbolic images of the planets in your birth chart. Those images paint a vivid picture of the characters on the stage of your life. Helping you in getting to know who those characters are, so that you can live your life with as much awareness, acceptance and understanding both of yourself and others as possible, is my aim in the astrological work I do.

There are many facets to astrology, many approaches to its practice. My journey toward becoming a professional astrologer has been very varied: ask astro-wiki and they will fill in the details! Throughout the 1990s I broadened and deepened my knowledge by commuting by air monthly from my home base in Glasgow to London, where I was fortunate to study with world-renowned astrologers Dr Liz Greene and the late Charles Harvey at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, obtaining their Diploma in 1998.

As a psychological astrologer,  I am interested in using your horoscope to help you  become clearer about your strengths and weaknesses, difficulties and gifts. I aim to help boost your confidence and courage simply to be yourself, thereby aiding you in making sound life choices and decisions about your future direction. However, I think that making specific predictions undermines your free will, and can set up self-fulfilling prophecies. So – I do not do that, although I do look at the planetary energies around the time of our meeting:  to assist you in setting your sails, as it were, to take advantage of the prevailing winds…

If you’d like to book a return reading with me, enquire about tutorial classes on-line, or find out about tuition/mentoring,  you will find all the information you need through the links below:

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