As well as my own reviews, I’m very happy to add reviews from time to time from colleagues  whose work I respect.

1st May 2015

Here is a new book, a series of essays on the planet Pluto: ” These essays explore the meaning of Pluto as a mythological, astrological, and psychological phenomenon….” the book is reviewed below by Armand Diaz, PhD.

Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon, editor Richard Grossinge

17th March 2014: a ‘wisdom book’: Review of  “Keywords to Unlock Chiron” by Joyce Mason

19th February 2014: Review of ‘The Stellium Handbook’ by master astrologer Donna Cunningham

19th October 2012: ancient discipline, post-modern context: Review of  ‘ Integral Astrology’ by Armand Diaz, PhD

2 responses to “REVIEWS

  1. I greatly appreciate all your writings. I do have one question which I have been searching for Astrologically for years. There is one chart amongst my varies charts that say Pluto is contra parallel to my Sun which I have learned opposition and not trine My Sun 17 degrees in Sag in the fourth house with my Pluto, like yours in the 12th house. Pluto is 25 degrees and Sun is at 17 degrees. I am sincere with this request because if it is an opposition then my chart becomes even more difficult like yours.

    I would be very grateful for an answer.

    Thank You, Michaela – A Great Fan.


    • Hi Michaela at last I am finding time to catch up with my correspondence! Thanks for your kind words re my work – it means a lot. I know about parallels and contra parallels, but have to say I do not pay much attention to them. By now, you will have experienced and worked for decades with both the positive and the negative manifestations of the Sun/Pluto combo, as indeed I have – so whether you have a contra-parallel or not, isn’t going to make any difference to your pretty long, by now, experience of Sun/Pluto. And mine may be difficult, but it made me a good, determined miner, and I have dug much gold out of life’s depths as a consequence. So – carry on doing the best you can with that powerful Sun/Pluto trine, and don’t add an extra layer of concern, is my advice (for what it’s worth..).


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