Astrologers are always being asked questions.

By open-minded members of the public. By closed-minded-members of the public. By one’s friends and family. By clients. By students. By interviewers for various media outlets.

I thought it might be interesting, and fun, to begin this new blog by running a series of question and answer sessions on any aspect of astrology.


Anne W

As well as being a challenge and providing me with some fun and an impetus to keep posting each week, I hope the blog will encourage questions from people of all ages who are interested in the astrology which goes far beyond the limitations of the Sun Sign columns. It would also be great to create a new astro-community online and see where it goes and what I end up doing within it!.

I’d like to put on record my gratitude to Mary Plumb of the Mountain Astrologer blog who kindly invited me to be Guest blogger there on 18th February 2013. I decided to write about some of the most memorable questions I’d been asked as an astrologer over the years, and was so pleased with the lively responses to that post that a seed was planted in my mind, from which  has sprouted this new blog! Thanks, Mary!

 You supply the questions – preferably by leaving comments on the blog posts, or by email. I will do my best to supply adequate answers….


I anticipate a mix of questions:  from open minded and interested members of the public, who know very little about astrology, but wish to find out more. And from other visitors who may know anything from a little to a lot about astrology. I hope I can pitch my answers in a way which offers something to the whole range!

Experienced astrologers who visit and feel they can add their own perspectives, information, etc etc to my efforts, thereby expanding the knowledge offered – please do use the comments boxes to contribute to the conversation!

I hope always to get the balance right between general interest and private sensitivity.

Also, if there is a topic about which you’d like me to write which you think might be of general interest, please do suggest it.




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14 responses to “About

  1. He is 5-22-46 11:56 am
    She is 9-26-46 7:19 AM
    Both born Hartford, CT, USA
    QUESTION; what is the probability of marriage? What House, Sign and Plants do I look at for a second marriage?


    • Dear Paula

      in order to address these questions, you need to consult with a qualified professional astrologer in your area who will have to spend a considerable amount of time drawing up the birth charts, then arranging a meeting to discuss them with you. This is highly skilled work so you will need to be prepared to pay an appropriate fee for the astrologer’s time, experience and expertise.

      I trust this information is helpful to you – and anyone else with similar questions visiting this site.



  2. Thank you. Have been studying and cannot find which house rules 2nd marriage and/or what planets. Can you suggest a book re: my original question?


  3. Sure! Let’s get going.


  4. NOTE: on 24.3.16: As part of the process of updating this site, I have removed P.S as a separate Page, incorporating it into the ABOUT Page here. However, there was quite a bit of interesting Q and A discussion in the comments on that Page which I thought was a pity to delete. So – I’ve put the whole list into this one Comments box. Enjoy – and, of course, feel free to contribute!

    Rian | August 12, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    Dear Anne,

    I have a question for you. When a person moves far from their birthplace (as so many people do these days), do we cast a new chart for them with the new latitudes and longitudes? Or, what DO we do, if anything. Thank you for your consideration.

    from Anne Whitaker | August 13, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Hello Rian

    nice to hear from you again! I am currently taking a rest from blogging because of tendonitis in my left hand. So, a brief reply….There is a whole branch of astrology known as AstroCartography, in which your natal Birth Chart is projected onto the map of the earth. From this, one can deduce where in the world it would be best to live to get the best out of different energies in our natal charts – or where it might be best to avoid. eg John F Kennedy’s Pluto line ran right through Dallas, Texas.

    Here is a link to a reputable UK site which will tell you more about this fascinating and complex subject

    Also, it is indeed possible to cast a new chart for the latitudes and longitudes of your current place of residence and compare it with your natal chart to see what the different emphases are as a result of those changes. To use a very simple example, someone might marry and settle down in a different location, then find that the planet Venus was much more prominently emphasised in their horoscope there than in the natal horoscope for the birth location.

    It’s a very interesting topic – not one with which I have worked either personally or with my clients. I wouldn’t want to find out that my five twelfth house planets would be conjunct my Midheaven, bringing me fame and fortune – but only if I relocated to Ulan Batar!

    p.s I’ve decided to place this reply as a new post on my Home Page since other people might be interested in the topic. So do check it out there, and leave a reply if you feel like it.

    a6415 | May 4, 2014 at 7:26 am

    Hello Anne

    I wanted to ask you something – I am 36 and my husband passed away unexpectadly last year (he was 38). We have had our horoscopes checked (birth charts) several times by different astrologers and have had our kids horoscopes done as well. All of them suggested a long life for him. We have also tried alternate astrologies like ‘nadi jothidam’ (pl google for the meaning). In fact, after he passed away we took his horoscope and mine to astrologer and the astrologer says there is nothing to predict a shorter life span. I know his parents check horoscopes as well ( and no major problems predicted).
    Why do you think all the forecasts failed to predict this or at least potential problems?


    from Anne Whitaker | May 4, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Hello ‘a’

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s unexpected and early death, Thank you for this challenging question which raises a number of important issues. I will return to answer it in the next few days when I have some time to reflect on it and do it at least some measure of justice.

    from Anne Whitaker | May 11, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Dear “a”,

    you have certainly through your own painful experience and natural desire to find some answers, brought to me a question with which all astrologers should – and do – grapple, since it raises such fundamental ethical issues. The first one is whether astrologers should attempt to predict death, or not. Most reputable astrologers recognise that they should not do this – I count myself very definitely amongst them, as does Eileen Nauman a link to whose very useful and informative article appears below.

    A very short and blunt answer to your question, however, is this: astrologers’ track record on prediction over many centuries, indeed millennia, is very mixed indeed.

    Sometimes they have been stunningly accurate in predicting how the planetary energies in an individual’s or a nation’s horoscope will manifest. For example, a famous one was made by Luc Gauricus in 1555 to the effect that King Henry II of France (then aged thirty-seven) was in danger of death in his forty-second year, by a head injury incurred in single combat in an enclosed space. And five years later Henry duly died of a lance splinter which entered his eyes and pierced his brain.

    However, there have also been some spectacular failures, e.g., for astrologers to predict that the Munich agreement of 1938 would lead to World War II.

    The most striking recent individual example of failure I have heard – via his son, in an astrology seminar during the 1990s – is that of a well-known European astrologer. This man predicted the day of his own death, and went public with it. What happened on the day? He developed a very bad cold….

    I did some research for you on the internet and found this very comprehensive article by medical astrologer EileenNauman which covers all the points I would have made, and many more besides!
    I hope you will find it helpful and illuminating of your questions:


    Here, also, is a recent article of mine on the subject of prediction which you might also find useful:


    I do hope that what I’ve said in this brief post, plus reflection on the material in the articles, helps you to arrive at a viewpoint which eventually brings you some peace.

    With all good wishes


    a6514 | May 11, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    Dear Anne,

    I agree with you that astrologers should not predict death. In my case, I asked the astrologers after the event that if the planetary positions indicated life threatening events for my husband. The answer from all was No. So, I am left wondering could there be any other exogenous causes that resulted in his demise? Also , I am left questioning overall astrology (although it has been remarkably accurate in other phases of my life)

    from Anne Whitaker | May 11, 2014 at 2:03 pm
    Hello ‘a’
    The articles I posted for you especially the second one should help you to see that no-one can pin down how any energy pattern – human included – is going to manifest. Uncertainty is a property of the universe. Astrologers cannot extract definite answers but only work with probability. Rather like physicists….

    Minnie | July 18, 2014 at 12:23 am
    Hi Anne,

    I came across your article “Some thoughts on the astrology of twins”

    I found it very interesting because I myself am a twin, and can relate to your article.
    Just to give you a little background info… He’s male, I’m female/the oldest, and we were born exactly one minute apart due to a caesarean birth.
    11/12/1993 – 6:49AM Thailand.

    I’m quite new to Astrology, and I find the more that I look into it, the more it rings true, not just for myself but for friends also! However the topic of twins has always stumped me. My brother’s chart is nearly identical to my own and yes our lives do correlate! but why is it that we both have different interests, and are pursuing different fields? Despite the fact that we’ve had the same upbringing. I just don’t get how my chart can be split in two! – especially seeing as it is so clustered to begin with..

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    from Anne Whitaker | July 18, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Dear Minnie

    thanks for your question. Yes, there is a great deal of interest in Twins, especially from twins themselves! I’m assuming the article is the one you saw on The Mountain Astrologer blog? There is an article on Astrology: Questions and Answers which tackles the question of identical/nearly identical charts through an experiment I did with one of my astrology classes. https://astrologyquestionsandanswers.com/2013/06/23/how-does-it-work-when-you-do-a-horoscope-for-twins/

    If you read this it should help to answer your question. There are also links to other sites which will broaden your understanding too.

    Yes, astrology is a wonderful subject! Enjoy your studies, and feel free to return with more questions which I may well feature as blog posts, depending on what they are…


  5. Teresa Littlewolf | March 19, 2015 at 4:46 pm
    Hello Anne, I feel that you have seen and experienced so much of my own journey…amazing. Things no one I knew could comprehend. Spiritual, cosmic, other-worldly experiences that ranged from terrifying to infinitely joyous and profound. Interestingly though my astrology is that of having Pluto in my 1st house in Leo at 22 degrees, which has made my whole life one transformation after another. Just when I think I am in the right space it all gets ripped apart and I go to another level and layer of self and perception of the world, not easy but I have come to accept that as my journey. Thank you for sharing your perspectives.


  6. Anne Whitaker | March 19, 2015 at 8:19 pm |
    Many thanks, Teresa, for taking the trouble to write with this very personal feedback. I am glad my perspective has helped you – but since my Sun is at 22 degrees Leo, and your Pluto falls on it, it’s not too surprising that my experiences ‘speak’ to your depths…


  7. Would you calculate secondary progressed chart (angles) for new residence if you moved across globe (Europe to USA). If I calculate my progressed chart for my birth place, the ascendant in particular doesn’t ring any bells. Thank you.


    • Well, Frankie, I have always just calculated secondary progressions from the natal horoscope at birth. However, I see no problem with also calculating progressions following major relocation like yours, using current location, and seeing what comes up. I think it’s important not to be too doctrinaire in those matters! For example, my natal midheaven Is 28 Taurus.Relocated to where I have lived for the last 40 years, i.e. Glasgow and Scotland, it comes up as 1° Gemini, which makes much more sense to me in terms of what I have done careerwise over the last 40 years. So I see no reason why one cannot apply the same rationale to a progressed horoscope. Hope this helps!


      • Thank you for the answer. However, that would mean I (and you, too:) have relocated chart Asc/MC, progressed Asc/MC (birth place) and Asc/MC progressed to new residence. That is three different Midheavens, for instance. I guess the asnwer may be to watch transits of Sun or Mars to all those three midheavens or Ascendants and see what triggers events the most?


      • Yes, observation is always the way forward… And Mars is a great trigger to observe!


  8. On 6/8/19 there will be a t-square with jup/sun/nep. Jupiter will be conjunction a natal stellium in 12th house Sagittarius of moon/mars/Jupiter/mercury and ascendant. All between 17 and 20 degrees
    Is this lucky or unlucky?


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