Astrologers are always being asked questions.

By open-minded members of the public. By closed-minded-members of the public. By one’s friends and family. By clients. By students. By interviewers for various media outlets.

In 2013 I thought it might be interesting, and fun, to begin a new blog by running a series of question and answer sessions on any aspect of astrology. So I did – from then until September 2019. It’s been a blast!!


Anne W


As well as being a challenge and providing me with some fun and an impetus to keep posting each week, I hoped the blog would encourage questions from people of all ages who are interested in the astrology which goes far beyond the limitations of the Sun Sign columns. It was also great to create a new astro-community online and see where it went and what I would end up doing within it…

However, everything has its time, and as you will see from my farewell post on this blog, the timing of its conclusion was amazingly apt.

Astrology: Questions and Answers is now an extensive archive, where you can browse articles on most aspects of astrology. My main astrology blog from September 2019, where I post regularly, is Writing from the Twelfth House”. See you there!!


Tomorrow to fresh woods - with The Fool in the Tarot

Tomorrow to fresh woods – with The Fool in the Tarot


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  1. You could try reading Howard Sasportas’ The Twelve Houses which is one of the definitive books on houses.


  2. Well, Frankie, I have always just calculated secondary progressions from the natal horoscope at birth. However, I see no problem with also calculating progressions following major relocation like yours, using current location, and seeing what comes up. I think it’s important not to be too doctrinaire in those matters! For example, my natal midheaven Is 28 Taurus.Relocated to where I have lived for the last 40 years, i.e. Glasgow and Scotland, it comes up as 1° Gemini, which makes much more sense to me in terms of what I have done careerwise over the last 40 years. So I see no reason why one cannot apply the same rationale to a progressed horoscope. Hope this helps!


    • Thank you for the answer. However, that would mean I (and you, too:) have relocated chart Asc/MC, progressed Asc/MC (birth place) and Asc/MC progressed to new residence. That is three different Midheavens, for instance. I guess the asnwer may be to watch transits of Sun or Mars to all those three midheavens or Ascendants and see what triggers events the most?


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