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“Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new…”

…the last line from John Milton’s poem, Lycidas. And a great line to quote, when you feel you’re done with one thing, but not too sure what the next one will be!

Both the delight and the pain ( mostly to my nearest and dearest ) of having all those fiery Leo planets squared by third house Jupiter is that I go through periodic spells of boring everyone by theatrically declaiming, hand to forehead, “What am I going to DO with the rest of my life?”

You’d think at my age this mode of being would have subsided. But no. It hasn’t.

Running my blogs for the last eleven years – and this one since 2013 – has been a blast ( Jupiter Return, anyone? !) but I have now at least temporarily run out of steam. I’ll be keeping out of mischief by continuing writing my columns for Dell Horoscope Magazine, The UK’s Astrological Journal, Infinity Astrological Magazine, and hopefully having more articles appear in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine and Astrodienst in due course. So – you’ll find me there, and I will of course be continuing to share all kinds of work by astrologers I admire – and dipping into my own archives – on Astrology: Questions and Answers Facebook Page. 

Do keep visiting there!

As well as all that, I’ll be taking time out over the summer to put together a collection of my essays, articles and columns with a view to publication sometime in 2020 – and planning a new website. Come to think of it, maybe I DO know what I’m going to be doing…at least for the next while…

Thanks so much to all you loyal followers and commenters over the years, both here and over at my Astrology: Questions and Answers Facebook Page. Without you, I’d probably have got bored and moved on to pastures new, on a galaxy far away, long before now.


Anne xx

Tomorrow to fresh woods – with The Fool in the Tarot

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