This page comprises a list of  articles, recordings and videos by astrologers whose work I admire, including  Donna Cunningham,  Dr Bernadette Brady, and Steven Forrest in conversation with Mark Jones.

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2018 NOTE: I also use my Astrology: Questions and Answers Facebook Page as a place to share quality work by my fellow astrologers which I think will be of interest and educational value.

Recent examples are: How do astrologers read charts? – a fascinating paper by Darrelyn Gunsburg; a wide-ranging interview with master astrologer Robert Hand; and a brilliant compilation of quality resources for astrologers by Jessica Davidson.

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The Solar System

The Solar System


The late, great master astrologer Donna Cunningham always talks sense and ‘tells it like it is’ as far as good practice in astrology is concerned – with grace, humour, realism and wisdom. Anyone who takes on the huge responsibility of reading another person’s horoscope should read and ponder this excellent article:

New Download: “A Responsible Approach to Clients’ Tough Transits”

and this one, on the rewards Saturn can and does bring:

Why Saturn has as much to do with Success as Jupiter

©8-16-2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Dr Bernadette Brady is a UK-based astrologer whose work I very much admire. Here she is introducing a contemporary approach to astrology incorporating the perspectives of the New Physics:



Astrologers Steven Forrest and Mark Jones discuss some big-picture astrological subjects from the evolutionary framework, including the importance of houses, the counseling dynamic in a reading and fate vs. free will.

(Published May 28, 2014)


Here is Janet de Prosse’s 2005 interview in The Mountain Astrologer magazine with the late and much-loved Jeff Jawer, who died in February 2015. Tem Tarritkar has kindly given me permission to post the pdf of this wonderful interview here. Read, reflect, and enjoy!

Janette deProsse • The Riches of Symbolism: An Interview with Jeff Jawer


Enjoy an interesting dialogue between two veterans who have contributed an enormous amount to the world of contemporary astrology – Robert Hand and Steven Forrest:


March 2016

In response to  my latest column in the UK’s Astrological Journal ie ‘The Aquarian Age: is it here yet?’  I received an appreciative email from astrologer Terry Hart. Terry has been a student of astrology and member of the Astrological Association since 1972. He also included a most interesting article giving his take on the so-called Age of Aquarius.

Read it here!! The Aquarian Age


My colleague Alison Gunn, PhD, has some wonderful, in-depth work now available on pdfs. Here is an introduction, from Alison herself:

” Beyond the Stars Astrology and Tarot has been online since 2009, and is intended to provide focused research into, and analysis of, various astrological and occult subjects, such as the Astrological Houses series, the Nodal Axis series, the Tarot series, and soon the Composite/Synastry series. I never know what to say about myself, so I just let this page speak for me: “

Read Alison’s profound ‘take’ on the 12th House North Node through the signs of the zodiac, the first of this new pdf series.


AND – more articles/videos/lectures  on the way. Watch this space!
Astrologers at Work
Astrologers at Work

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