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What were you doing when Mars went direct this week?

Last Tuesday 20th May 2014, the planet Mars turned direct at 9 degrees of Libra. Did anything of particular interest, correlating with this shift, occur on that day, which any readers would like to share? If so, I’d love you to leave some feedback via a comment on this post.

I’m very interested in what correlations there are between planets turning retrograde or direct, on particular days at particular degrees of the zodiac, and corresponding inner/outer events in the lives of those of us directly ‘plugged in’ to those degrees.

Here is my feedback, which beautifully illustrates how planetary energies reflect both the positive and negative dimensions of our lives, often at the same time.

Transiting Mars turned direct – conjunct my natal second house Neptune at 9 degrees of Libra – on Tuesday 20th May. On the one hand, I encountered three inspirational women poets whilst attending a poetry reading with a fourth one. I also bought five poetry books by those three poets!

On the other hand, I came down on my return home with a sudden nasty urinary infection and spent the next day lying in bed waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.Then whilst recovering at home the day after that, I wrote two poems, the first I have written for thirty-four years…..

Observing the vividness of planetary symbolism accurately reflecting the patterns of our unfolding lives continues to be a source of enduring fascination for me. How about you?



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“a”‘s Question: Should astrologers predict death? And can they?

Hello Anne

I wanted to ask you something – I am 36 and my husband passed away unexpectedly last year (he was 38). We have had our horoscopes checked (birth charts) several times by different astrologers and have had our kids horoscopes done as well. All of them suggested a long life for him. We have also tried alternate astrologies like ‘nadi jothidam’ (pl google for the meaning). In fact, after he passed away we took his horoscope and mine to an astrologer and the astrologer says there is nothing to predict a shorter life span. I know his parents check horoscopes as well ( and no major problems predicted).

Why do you think all the forecasts failed to predict this or at least potential problems?

Astrologer at Workastrologer at work….

Dear “a”, 

you have certainly through your own painful experience and natural desire to find some answers, brought to me a question with which all astrologers should – and do –  grapple, since it raises such fundamental ethical issues. The first one is whether astrologers should attempt to predict death, or not. Most reputable astrologers recognise that they should not do this – I count myself very definitely amongst them, as does well-known medical astrologer  Eileen Nauman, a link to whose very useful and informative article  appears below.

A very short and blunt answer to your question, however, is this: astrologers’ track record on prediction over many centuries, indeed millennia, is very mixed indeed. 

Sometimes they have been stunningly accurate in predicting how the planetary energies in an individual’s or a nation’s horoscope will manifest. For example, a famous one was made by Luc Gauricus in 1555 to the effect that King Henry II of France (then aged thirty-seven) was in danger of death in his forty-second year, by a head injury incurred in single combat in an enclosed space. And five years later Henry duly died of a lance splinter which entered his eyes and pierced his brain.

However, there have also been some spectacular failures, e.g., for astrologers to predict that the Munich agreement of 1938 would lead to World War II. 

The most striking recent individual example of failure I have heard – via his son, in an astrology seminar during the 1990s – is that of a well-known European astrologer. This man predicted the day of his own death, and went public with it. What happened on the day? He developed a very bad cold….

I did some research for you on the internet and found this very comprehensive article by medical astrologer EileenNauman which covers all the points I would have made, and many more besides!

I hope you will find it helpful and illuminating of your questions:

Here, also, is a recent article of mine on the subject of prediction which you might also find useful:

I do hope that what I’ve said in this brief post, plus reflection on the material in the articles, helps you to arrive at a viewpoint which eventually brings you some peace. 

With all good wishes




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Exploring the Saturn Return: a new film is about to be born!

I had the pleasure yesterday of being contacted by writer/director Shawn Tolleson concerning an exciting new film project, shooting this summer. I’m always happy to support new, quality creative ventures – especially this one, featuring an important facet of astrological symbolism. Enjoy reading the production team’s description below of what looks to be an interesting and unusual film. And please, share information about it, support it, any way you can….

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