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The Moon’s Nodes with Uranus and Pluto: disruption, mayhem and a new order emerging…

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Has the Uranus/Pluto wave peaked? The UK General election may have said “Yes”…

Uranus:Pluto Seventh Exact Square

Uranus:Pluto Seventh Exact Square

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My in-depth research study of The Moon’s Nodes in Action is due to be  published very soon – as a free download from this site – just as  events in our wider collective life appear yet again to be validating the overall conclusion at which I arrived some years ago, after examining the Moon’s Nodes and attendant eclipses from several different perspectives in both famous and “ordinary’ people’s lives, and in life-changing events.

The conclusion is this:

 times of most profound and radical change come in collective and individual life when the combination of the Nodal Axis and Pluto is triggered.

e-publication by co-occurrence

e-publication by co-occurrence

Four years ago, as the North Node crossed Pluto and its applying square to Uranus in Aries, approaching the final stage of the August 2009 – July 2011 season of eclipses in Capricorn (North Node point) and Cancer (South Node point),  Colonel Gaddafi lost his grip on Libya amidst scenes of bloodshed and mayhem as a wave of  protest – mainly from the young – swept the Middle East in what came to be known as the “Arab Spring” of 2011 onwards.

The iron grip of dictatorial rulers was snapped across the Middle East in a domino chain of nations rising in revolt, the world community watching with fascination, horror and a certain excited anticipation of possible positive change in the wake of all this upheaval.

In February 2014, the North Node returned to cardinal mode again as it entered the sign of Libra, regressing in its eighteen-month journey  through that sign, pulling eclipses with it, once again moving toward the turbulent, explosive energy of the Uranus/Pluto square which is currently scouring our world from its first coming into orb in 2009 until it separates in 2017.

In the summer/autumn of 2014, as the North Node drew closer to Uranus/Pluto, we watched with horror the shockingly unexpected, brutal rise of ISIS/ISIL, a fanatical death cult whose depradations across the Middle East have cost thousands of lives and created mayhem ever since.

Focusing in on our small country, the United Kingdom, one can also see in the charts of both the UK and Scotland the powerful emphasis on 5 – 15 degrees of the cardinal signs. This emphasis is shared also in the horoscopes of the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, as well as the former First Minister Alex Salmond, who resigned after his Scottish National Party’s 45%/55% defeat in the September 2014 Referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent country.

The radical nature of the changes which are taking place in our small corner of the globe are vividly described symbolically through the Nodes/Pluto/Uranus combination: the UK has lurched to the Right by electing a majority Conservative government. The Labour party has been crushed in the UK and virtually annihilated in Scotland. The Scottish National party has won almost every Scottish seat, turning our small country into virtually a one-party state, never a healthy situation in a democracy. And the UK is set to vote shortly whether to remain within or without the European Union. The old order is dead.

Turning to personal life, those of you who read my Moon’s Nodes research will see the Nodes/Pluto combination occurring natally and bringing with it a life with more challenges of a profound and radical nature, than when that combination is not in evidence. Its impact is radical, profound and life-changing especially when natal, progressed and transiting aspects combine : c/f my long in-depth study of Mary Shelley and  her authorship of Frankenstein.



There seems to have been disruption and upheaval ‘right across the map’ of the world:  politically, socially and in terms of the fabric of the Earth itself – witness the recent horrific earthquakes and attendant loss of life in Nepal – in the last year especially. Let us hope that as the Nodal axis moves on, with the seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares completed,  all the turmoil gradually settles down into something more manageable as we survey our world and are perhaps more able to spot what positives have emerged from all the chaos…

So – what are your thoughts on such potent and powerful planetary symbolism both on collective and personal life? Can you report experiences of profound and radical changes when the Nodes combined with Pluto in your life? I’d be most interested to hear!



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Has the Uranus/Pluto wave peaked? The UK General election may have said “Yes”…

Now here’s a thought. There has been a clear shift to the political right in the unexpectedly decisive outcome of the  UK’s general election (held on May 7th 2015) in which the Conservative party was returned to power with an overall majority 0f 331 seats, far larger than anyone, including the Conservatives, had expected. Might this  be a significant sign – albeit in one small country, bereft of its once-magnificent Empire but still playing a significant role on the world stage – that the Uranus/Pluto seven-pointed wave has peaked?

On March 16 2015, Uranus and Pluto formed an exact square aspect in the signs of Aries and Capricorn,  the final exact square in the long series of seven which began on June 24, 2012. As Steven Forrest pointed out in his March 2015 Newsletter which I featured on this site a few weeks ago,”… it is the first time both planets have been direct at the moment of the exact square…”

Uranus:Pluto Seventh Exact Square

Uranus:Pluto Seventh Exact Square

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It has been a very turbulent year in UK politics, the most interesting for decades. Scotland’s Independence Referendum on 18th September, which I wrote about in Uranus, Pluto and the Scottish Independence Referendum , attracted world-wide interest and admiration, not least for the 84% turnout from a passionately engaged electorate. 45% of our nation voted a resounding “Yes” – but a 55% majority voted “No”, carrying the day.

The day after the referendum came the shock of First Minister Alex Salmond’s resignation, with his Deputy Nicola Sturgeon taking charge of the Scottish National Party and the Scottish government. Since then there has been yet another unexpected turn of events: membership of the SNP has surged, and in the May 7 general election the highly competent and charismatic Sturgeon led her party to a stunning victory in Scotland, gaining 56 out of the 59 Scottish seats in the UK parliament, thereby annihilating the long-dominant Labour vote in Scotland.

So far, so Uranus/Pluto, it would seem. However, a closer look at the overall situation now pertaining in the UK Parliament may well be suggesting that we have hit peak Uranus/Pluto, and are now on the way down from its disruptive zenith.

Before the election, there being 650 parliamentary seats to play for, it was confidently predicted that there would be no outright majority. This being the case, the Scottish National Party with their expected 50-odd seats would be in the most powerful position by far of the smaller UK parties outwith the  historically dominant Conservative and Labour blocs alternating in power since the Second World War ended in 1945.

However, an overall Conservative majority greatly reduces the pre-election SNP potential threat to the stability and continuation of the United Kingdom as one nation. Although it has done stunningly well in Scotland, and will provide a very strong Scottish voice now in the UK parliament, the SNP is not in the power-broking position it would have been had the overall vote been less decisive, eg producing a Conservative or Labour minority government or a hung parliament.

Scotland's Horoscope

Scotland’s Horoscope

S0 – what next? Scotland was promised more powers to run her own affairs before the referendum by a UK government desperate to preserve the Union. Although it may take some time to formalise, it looks likely that Scotland may gain full fiscal autonomy. This means that the Scottish Nationalist party will have to face that challenging gap which most of us face in life, either as individuals or nations, put most eloquently by T.S.Eliot in “The Hollow Men (1925) “:

“Between the Idea And the Reality… Falls the shadow”.

A recent example illustrates what very often occurs – especially in political life – when the Idea and the Reality collide. Five years ago, just before the last UK election which resulted in a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition, the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg having done extremely well in the TV debates preceding the General Election, was riding with his party on a wave of popularity. ‘Cleggmania’ briefly swept the nation.

Then, as part of the horsetrading which is the keynote of actual rather than theoretical politics, Clegg broke the Lib Dem promise to abolish university tuition fees. For this betrayal, as Lib Dem supporters saw it, Clegg and his party were never forgiven. In the 7 May 2015 election, the Lib Dems were reduced to 8 seats, and Nick Clegg has just resigned as leader of his party.

So – if the Uranus/Pluto square is already showing signs that it has peaked in its impact, that should serve as a warning to the Scottish Nationalist party. In the likely event of fiscal autonomy being granted, then the Idea and the ideals of greater social justice and a fairer society, combined with ‘an end to austerity’, which swept them to political dominance in Scotland, will be clashing with the Reality of the likelihood of at least some of the promises being made to the Scottish nation having to be broken as taxes go up, and cuts have to be implemented in order to balance the books.

If this happens, which in the real world seems likely, then their support could well begin to fade, and the dream of independence recede from the SNP’s grasp.

UK Horoscope

UK Horoscope

Meanwhile, in the UK as a whole, David Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, which a significant number of  UK citizens (outwith Scotland which broadly wants to stay in) want to leave. However, in the recent general election UKIP, or the United Kingdom Independence Party, which had been building up an impressive head of steam before the election,  only gained one seat. Furthermore, its leader Nigel Farage failed to gain a parliamentary seat and has resigned.

This can be seen as another small but significant sign that the Uranus/Pluto square has peaked and is now slowly beginning to lose power. It may well be, when (and if, since politicians have a long track record of welshing on promises they very much do not want to keep) the in/out referendum is held on European Union membership, the UK population as a whole will feel safer remaining with the status quo.

Looking at the three horoscopes included in this post in broad brush stroke terms – no doubt there will be many detailed analyses of the UK’s interesting political landscape appearing in the weeks and months to come! – the relationship between the Nodal Axis and Uranus/Pluto greatly interests me, especially since my research study The Moon’s Nodes in Action is due to be published as a free ebook download on this site very shortly.

What I see in the Nodes/Uranus/Pluto relationship in our present world climate seems to validate the overall conclusions at which I arrived as a result of my research. To find out what this is, you will have to read the next post, coming up soon!




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Steven Forrest writes on the Uranus/Pluto square

Here is master astrologer Steven Forrest’s in-depth ‘take’ on the Uranus/Pluto squares: on March 16, 2015 Uranus and Pluto formed a square aspect in the signs Aries and Capricorn.”…  the final exact square in the long series of seven, which began on June 24, 2012…”

Uranus, Pluto and the Scottish Independence Referendum

In our minute corner of the Milky Way galaxy, in that barely noticeable solar system of which our tiny Earth is part, ingenious humans aeons ago devised a symbol system, based on observation of the relationship between planetary movements and human behaviour. They were thus able to unlock what the meanings of those energy shifts might be. We astrologers are still observing – and what an especially interesting time this is in which to be doing so!

Astrologers, however, do not have an observational monopoly. Songwriters have a pithy way of capturing behaviour patterns too: ‘Birds do it, bees do it, Even educated fleas do it, Let’s do it, let’s fall in love…’ Cole Porter was probably an optimist – or he never experienced the scouring, disruptive force of Uranus/Pluto in action.

Since the turbulent 1960s conjunction, the first exact squares of those two planets (moving gradually towards exactitude since around 2007/8) have been ripping across the world from 2012 onwards. The Aries/Capricorn combo is currently just past the fifth of seven exact squares. A highly notable effect has been massively disruptive and often violent falling out of  love between established nations, their leaders and populations.

Uranus/Pluto in action worldwide

The most dramatic, extreme expression of this is the ‘Arab Spring’ which has been sweeping across the Middle East since December 2010 in Tunisia. Street trader Mohamed Bouazizi’s despairing self-immolation in that country triggered off massive popular uprisings which swept away dictators like Egypt’s Mubarak and Gaddafi in Libya.

Its current major manifestation is the ghastly civil war in Syria which shows no signs of abating in its grotesque destructiveness. In the meantime, Libya is descending into a chaos of fighting factions, whilst Egypt appears to have replaced its democratically elected civilian president Morsi, swiftly deposed by people power, with yet another military-backed president and government. (NOTE: I completed and submitted this article on 14.6.14, before the subsequent flare-ups of severe disruption in Ukraine, Gaza, and Iraq where ISIS/ISIL erupted with brutal, shocking violence)

Be careful what you wish for…

Arrival at reasoned compromise is not one of the most notable manifestations of the Uranus/Pluto combination. With this particular square, Pluto in Capricorn’s archetypal thrust is towards the destruction of  institutional and political structures which have outlived their usefulness.

Uranus in Aries is immediate and not very nuanced in its headlong pursuit of a new, ideal social order which is – per se – bound to be better than the old, discarded one. Nothing short of revolution, achieved by force if necessary, is its aim. Caught up in the passion of the moment, a leap into the unknown is acceptable, exciting.

Reasoned, hard-headed contemplation of consequences is not high on revolutionary agendas.

Uranus: the revolutionary egg breaker

Liz Greene offers a succinct caveat regarding the Uranian archetype in action, thus:

” But Uranus doesn’t recognise the value and nature of time, or the importance of slow growth and compromise. Nor does it recognise the reality of individual human feeling. The vision of the future must happen now, and anything standing in its way must be annihilated or, at best, reformed. This can result in enormous suffering, for individuals as well as for the collective. The basic philosophy of Uranus is that, to make an omelette, one has to break eggs. The problem is that the eggs are the emotional and instinctual needs of individual human beings. Revolutions always have a way of going out of control.”(1)

We are all caught up, tossed about every which way, by the shifting energy patterns of a restless cosmos. Both individuals and nation states are, as it were, given a chip of prevailing energy patterns to act out.We are run far more by the dark tides of those turbulent energies than we may care to admit. Uranus Pluto waters run deep in ‘passionate intensity’, shallow in temperate rational analysis.

Uranus/Pluto strikes Scotland

Scotland's Horoscope

Scotland’s Horoscope

Bearing this in mind, let’s turn to Scotland, one of the four countries making up the United Kingdom. At the UK general election of May 2011, the Scottish National Party headed up by First Minister Alex Salmond won a sweeping mandate from the Scottish people. Many Scots voted SNP not out of a desire for separation, but because as a minority government from 2007, they had appeared to be doing a more competent job of running the country than the Labour Party, whose long domination of Scottish politics had led to terminal disillusion on the part of much of the electorate.

With this strong mandate, the big push to a referendum vote on Scotland’s future was on. On 18th September 2014, Scots will go to the polls to answer a simple question:

“Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Scotland’s Horoscope: from 1005 to 2014

In 1999, the year Scotland gained its own parliament for the first time in nearly 300 years, I wrote an article presenting and briefly analysing Scotland’s horoscope.The most commonly used chart for Scotland is that of the crowning of Malcolm the Second at Scone on 25 March 1005 at noon (see DATA at end of article)

In this chart can be seen quite clearly some of the main themes which the wider world associates with Scotland. On contemplating both the natal horoscope, along with its progressions and transits for 1999, I was amazed at the accuracy with which this thousand year old chart seems vividly to describe Scotland’s complex national character. Furthermore, the transits and progressions summed up the state of play in 1999 very clearly.

You can read the article here:

I concluded by saying “…there is a death/rebirth process going on in Scotland’s ties with England and the UK. The outcome of that is by no means clear, many Scots wanting nothing less than the end of the long marriage with the UK…”

Fifteen years later, we know the answer to that speculative statement. After the Independence Referendum on 18th September 2014, there is a credible chance that the UK will formally cease to exist in March 2016.

The current picture

In this article I have chosen a limited focus: to set the political turmoil going on in one small country, Scotland, in the context of a bigger world picture dominated by two disruptively transformative planetary archetypes i.e. Uranus and Pluto, frequently present at key revolutionary moments in history.  I look forward to the appearance of a swathe of detailed mundane analyses, very much extending the narrow scope of this one, and bringing in both the UK’s charts and that of the redoubtable Mr Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister (whose birth data I have included at the end of the article). 

Let’s look now at Scotland’s natal chart (see above); then Uranus/Pluto as it links to the same chart with its hand-drawn overlay of secondary progressions (in green) and transits (in red) for that fateful date of 18th September 2014:

Scotland's Horoscope 18.9.14

Scotland’s Horoscope 18.9.14

The position of the Uranus/Pluto square could scarcely be more prominent. Uranus has been crossing Scotland’s Aries ninth and tenth house planets and Aries MC since 2010/11, and is currently squaring the progressed MC/IC axis from the tenth house. Pluto sits right on the progressed MC, along with the progressed Sun and Neptune –  AND Scotland’s natal North Node. (note: Alex Salmond’s North Node, Sun and Mercury are at 5, 9 and 13 degrees of Capricorn respectively – the UK’s North Node, Sun, MC and ASC are 14 Aries, 10 Capricorn, 9 Cancer and 7 Libra)

It’s also worth noting that transiting Neptune is opposite Scotland’s Moon at the time of the referendum, reflecting the longing of the population for some kind of future independent Eden – along with uncertainty and confusion, inability to know where the post-referendum truth may lie, whatever the outcome…

These significators depict a heady mix of  energies: a nation suffused with idealism and longing for a radically altered structure to its national life and role in the wider world, urgently prepared to demolish the old order, inspired by a pioneering vision of a radical new future.

Which way forward?

So – which way will it go on the 18th of September? Astrology has its range of successes and failures to show, as have other practitioners of the predictive arts eg  physicists, economists and weather forecasters – remember the failure to predict the Great Storm of 1987? We do much better at describing the essence of a pattern, but identifying the exact branches is much more hit and miss. Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe.

However, it is possible to see some clear pictures emerging from this contemplation of the stripped-down meanings of the Uranus and Pluto archetypes, and by observing how they are clearly playing out right now across the world. The seventh and final exact square takes place on 17th March 2015 at 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn, gradually fading in intensity over the next three to four years. Hopefully after that, the dust should start settling; we can begin at that stage to assess what the possible political costs and benefits have been.

A few things seem clear from reflecting on Scotland’s horoscope for the 18th September 2014 and thereafter through the lens of this Uranus/Pluto square. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the old order is now untenable, is on its way out. The scouring forces of change, for good, ill –or both – will have their way. Scots want more of a say in how their nation is run. They will have that, one way or another.

Be careful what you wish for

Uranus being Uranus, consequences that no-one could have predicted are on their way both for Scotland and the whole UK. Fasten your seat belts, everyone. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!!




25 March 1005,  Scone, Scotland, Noon (traditional symbolic time for the coronation of the king). Coronation of Malcolm Canmore, aka Malcolm the Second. Source/s: this date is given as the start of the year 1005 in the Annnals of Ulster, as quoted in Early Sources of Scottish History Volume 1, p 521, covering AD 500-1296. This work was collected and translated by Alan Orr Anderson (1879 -1958) and first published in 1922 by Oliver & Boyd (Edinburgh). A corrected edition was published by Paul Watkins in Edinburgh in 1990.

(note: the Horoscope in this article is set for Perth, Scotland, a latitude and longitude so near Scone as to make no difference to the horoscope’s planetary positions, Ascendant or Midheaven – the computer hadn’t heard of Scone, apparently! And – the date changes to 31 March when calendar adjustments are made from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar)

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland:

31 December 1954, Linlithgow, Scotland, 16:30 GMT

Source/s: A Multitude of Lives A book of astrological data and biographies. Paul Wright, Parlando Press, Edinburgh, 2009, p220


References and Notes

1)Liz Greene, CPA Seminar Series, Volume 7:

The Art of Stealing Fire, p 3.


Anne Whitaker lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Her background is in adult education, generic and psychiatric social work, and private practice as a counsellor, counselling supervisor, and mentor. She has worked as an astrologer, teacher, and writer since 1983. Anne blogs at, where her e-book Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness — an open-minded take on paranormal experience — can be purchased.

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(NOTE: this article was requested for the Association of Professional Astrologers International’s Newsletter, where it was first published in June 2014. It was subsequently re-published in the UK’s Astrological Journal in its September/October 2014 issue.)



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