7.6.13 Next Question: answer coming up soon!

The Children’s Wood | June 5, 2013 at 8:14 pm

Dear Anne,

Your blog is great.I have a question:  “What is the Saturn Return”? it sounds very interesting and I’d like to know more.


6 responses to “7.6.13 Next Question: answer coming up soon!

  1. Sara Macdonald

    Hi Anne,
    This new blog is wonderful!
    I have been wondering if there is a possible connection between the current trine, in water signs (!) between Saturn and Neptune and the on-going floods in much of Europe.
    Although the planets are in harmonious aspect, I can’t help but recall the line from a very famous song: “It’s a hard rain’s gonna fall……….”


    • Hi Sara
      thanks so much for your heads-up for this new venture of mine. Endorsement from my discriminating ‘old'(note inverted commas!) students means a lot.

      Yes, you are absolutely right about the connection and its current symbolism. Saturn and Neptune may be in a harmonious trine at the moment, but those two planets’ energies are fundamentally different. Saturn seeks to maintain structure and order, Neptune’s job is to bring dissolution and chaos so that something new – and maybe, even, better – may eventually arise. We need order, and we need chaos. But the general human tendency is to seek safety and security in order and structure, so we find times where Neptunian energy is powerful (as now, with Neptune in its own sign of Pisces since the Spring of 2011) very hard to deal with. Hence Bob Dylan’s insightful comment on “a hard rain….”

      If you can manage to ignore all the ads and general STUFF surrounding this article by Liz Houle, it’s very comprehensive and informative on the topic of Saturn and Neptune, not just now but at other key periods in history.

      Do drop by again! And if you can pass on the blog’s link to any other folk you think might want to join the conversation, I’d be pleased.


  2. I think you’ve really done a marvelous thing by getting this fresh start. As always, there’s much that’s over my head, but I do grasp that order/chaos dynamic. Right night, I’m trying to bring a little order to chaos – a true weekend challenge if ever there was one.

    After my mother died and I was going through her things in preparation for closing her apartment, I found an old, used envelope. On the back she had written, “Disorganization is not a moral problem”. I laughed and laughed. She probably heard some “expert” talking about that on tv or radio and just noted it down – but it’s quite a glimpse into her inner self, and not unrelated to this topic, I’d say.

    I kept it of course, have it framed and tucked on a nearby shelf where I can study it from time to time. 😉


    • “Disorganization is not a moral problem” Thank you so much for sharing those very clear, Saturnian words of wisdom from your late mother with this new developing community. I’m not surprised you have this statement framed! the dialectic of order and chaos is a fundamental wellspring of all of life, I believe.
      And many thanks for your support of this new project. My life seems to be getting run from the left field, these days! Ending up doing something I didn’t quite expect, is the order of the day. But then, I am not averse to a bit of chaos…..


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