Fasten your seat belts! Mercury is reversing…..

Why have I been feeling S-L-E-E-PY all day today? Could Mercury turning retrograde tonight at 21.38 UK Time, conjunct Neptune, have anything to do with it, I wonder? 

Gorgeous Mercury

Mercury – Gorgeous or what?!

Help, however, is at hand. Fellow Scottish astrologer Anna Estaroth has kindly shared a link for a 2014 Mercury retrograde periods calendar with us on Facebook. Plan your times for slowing down, re-visiting, re-linquishing, re-storing, re-working, re-connecting….anything needing going over and sorting out (get down to doing those accounts from last year, freelancers out there!) can productively be addressed during Mercury retro periods. Go for it!!

Do tell your stories over the next three weeks…..if you can stay awake long enough!


150 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2014

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3 responses to “Fasten your seat belts! Mercury is reversing…..

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  2. Wait What? I thought Mercury retrograde was just things falling apart, like household appliances. You mean this is a good time to recommit to all those let’s-get-this-life-straightened-out resolutions from the beginning of the New Year? I’m on it!


  3. Well, get going! As you well know, nothing is ever anything other than double-sided in life. The trick to Mercury retro (general advice – can be fine-tuned to individual horoscopes based on birth time) is to be philosophical and not expect matters mercurial eg changing computers, important travel arrangements, contract signing (advice: don’t unless you have to, I speak from harsh Mercury retro book contract experience here!) to be straightforwardly productive. But if you’ve been putting mercurial matters off eg doing your accounts as a freelance person, having serious but necessary heart-to hearts with important people in your life, tackling major admin or filing system tidy-ups or purges – now is the time.

    Let me know how you get on. No excuses now….


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