What were you doing when Mars went direct this week?

Last Tuesday 20th May 2014, the planet Mars turned direct at 9 degrees of Libra. Did anything of particular interest, correlating with this shift, occur on that day, which any readers would like to share? If so, I’d love you to leave some feedback via a comment on this post.

I’m very interested in what correlations there are between planets turning retrograde or direct, on particular days at particular degrees of the zodiac, and corresponding inner/outer events in the lives of those of us directly ‘plugged in’ to those degrees.

Here is my feedback, which beautifully illustrates how planetary energies reflect both the positive and negative dimensions of our lives, often at the same time.

Transiting Mars turned direct – conjunct my natal second house Neptune at 9 degrees of Libra – on Tuesday 20th May. On the one hand, I encountered three inspirational women poets whilst attending a poetry reading with a fourth one. I also bought five poetry books by those three poets!

On the other hand, I came down on my return home with a sudden nasty urinary infection and spent the next day lying in bed waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.Then whilst recovering at home the day after that, I wrote two poems, the first I have written for thirty-four years…..

Observing the vividness of planetary symbolism accurately reflecting the patterns of our unfolding lives continues to be a source of enduring fascination for me. How about you?



250 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2014

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page of Writing from the Twelfth House

10 responses to “What were you doing when Mars went direct this week?

  1. I’d be more than happy to report whatever happened on Tuesday, but I’m afraid I don’t remember Tuesday. I know I worked. I know I spent time on the computer. I know I watched the birds in the evening and went to bed. Otherwise? I’m just not sure.

    One reality of my life always has been that I don’t remember dates or times as clearly as I remember events. I remember my mother’s death vividly, but I’m almost to the point where, if someone asks what year she died, I have to double check it in the records. There even have been occasions when I had to resort to paper and pencil to figure out my age. (I can remember my birth year.)

    So — whatever Mars was up to, it must not have affected me very much!


    • Well, Linda, this is useful feedback since I was hoping someone would respond by saying ‘not much happened’. I would assume from this – not having your horoscope and your not being an astrologer but that very useful person, an interested member of the public with an open mind! – that you do not have a planet or Angle (eg Ascendant, Midheaven ) at or within a couple of degrees either side of 9 degrees of Libra, which is the point where Mars, planet of fast, sudden, forceful action turned direct after a long period of (apparently) going backwards from the beginning of March 2014. Also affected, to a lesser degree in descending order of importance, would be the point opposite at 9 degrees Aries, or at right angles, ie making square aspects, at 9 degrees Cancer or Capricorn. There might well also be an effect with points in trine aspect – 120 degrees -ie 9 degrees Gemini or Aquarius. And we mustn’t forget the 60 degree or sextile aspect, which would be 9 degrees Leo ( where my planet Mercury is, so I felt the need to WRITE about the poetry and the sudden infection!), as well as 9 degrees Sagittarius.

      If you imagine a rippling of Martian energy flowing through those 9 degree points of the zodiac as described, you can get some idea of how this works.

      One would not expect people who have no energetic connection showing in their horoscopes to those points, to have anything out of the ordinary run of life occur during the couple of days in question. Hope this makes some sense not only to you, but other interested, open-minded readers with no particular knowledge of astrology!


  2. I love the description of Mars in Libra as “reasonable” Anne. I can almost hear his frustration at being in the sign of his detriment and yet somehow finding himself agreeable. 9 Libra is within one degree of my Sun/Moon midpoint and sextile my Natal Mars which I think illustrates the bemused husband (sun/moon) who was left at home by my sudden decision (Mars) to jaunt off to a poetry reading at the drop of a hat (Mars). Delighted I did as it really was the most inspiring night and the long suffering husband even had a gin and tonic ready for me when I got home. Not so good to hear you had a urinary infection brewing but it is very Mars/Libra and of course the up side is you invoked the muse after all that time. Every cloud etc eh??? I do hope you will allow me to read them and hope you feel better very soon xXx


    • Many thanks for this lively entertaining feedback, Carole! Since you are the fourth poet referred to in this post, I was hoping to hear from you! I also didn’t mention in the post that my decision on Tuesday morning (the day Mars went direct) not only to promote the poetry reading and go along myself, but also to phone you at short notice, was immediate and unplanned action (Mars). And I also forgot to mention (for interested readers with little or no knowledge of astrology) that the sign of Libra is connected to the kidneys and urinary system….I am feeling much better now, thanks. Retreat for a few days was needed, I had known that for a couple of weeks, didn’t listen, went on an enjoyable jaunt to London – and my body pulled the rug from under me, sending me to bed for a couple of days. You’d think I’d have learned that lesson by now. But then, I didn’t pay attention to what the planets were telling me when we planned the trip earlier this year. Sometimes you just have to get on with life – and take the consequences….


  3. from astrologer Jo Munro:
    on my Facebook Page today:
    “Mars exactly trined my 9 degrees Venus in Aquarius in the 11th house on Tuesday when I met up with a friend who mentioned a project that she wanted to take further, but had had lukewarm feedback from others so was undecided. After I left her, I had an idea on how she could take the project in the direction she wanted it to go. I held the idea, thinking I would text her sometime. The next day I literally bumped into her in the street (I often go for two weeks without seeing her). I told her my idea for her and I could see by her face that I was on to something. If she goes ahead, which I think she will, it could literally change the course of her career!”


    • Many thanks for this interesting feedback, Jo. As you know, I’m very keen on doing research into the many and varied ways in which planetary energies express themselves. Do keep in touch!


  4. Cecilia Fulcher

    I have Venus at 10 Gemini and progressed mars at 13 libra ,on the 21 May
    I got an email from an ex partner (who’s natal mars is at 12 Gemini ,asking me to please resume contact,hope this might be useful.Also thanks for your clear writings on astrology ,much appreciated 🙂


    • Hello Cecilia
      many thanks for this feedback – what an appropriate turn of events for that natal, progressed and transiting Venus/Mars dance! Hope you both have a positive outcome from the renewed contact.

      And I really value your positive comment regarding my astrological writing…..clarity is what I always aim for, so it’s good to know I’m having some success there!


  5. I have Sun at 22 degrees Libra and Ascendant at 10 degrees Aries. Mars retro made me aggressive and impatient somehow! Being a secondary school teacher this meant arguments with students and colleagues as I was feeling like a bomb waiting to explode. Very unlike Libra… I know! On Tuesday with direct Mars which opposed my ascendant and semi- squared my Venus, I suddenly turned into my usual self… calm and balanced! I had one of my best lessons after such a long time:)


    • Thanks, Ozlem. Your feedback is appreciated

      Glad to hear that Mars turning direct on your Descendant had this effect. Perhaps because your energy had been pent up and blocked, then was able to flow forward again….


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