Track your life through the Jupiter 12 year cycle…

I’m currently writing an article on the Jupiter Cycles, as Jupiter prepares to move into Leo and hopefully brighten us all up! Hope to post it very soon. Watch this space!

Jupiter - the Great Benefic

Jupiter – the Great Benefic


3 responses to “Track your life through the Jupiter 12 year cycle…

  1. Jupiter moves to the 9th house for me and I’m looking forward to it!


  2. Sounds great! Jupiter in his own house adds an extra ‘woosh!. So – travel, teaching in any sphere, embarking on Higher Ed yourself, long distance travel – and, can it be ( ??!! ) book promoting and publishing. Enjoy! I’m still working on my Jupiter Cycle article, so here’s something to keep you going from a fine colleague, Leah Whitehorse:


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