A Tender Twelfth House Tale…

“…where do we go when we sleep? Where do we go when we give up the fight? Where do we go when we drift, allowing fantasy to take over? Where do we go when we die? Where DO we go when we give up struggling within Saturn’s realm and allow Neptune’s flow to take us over? Astrology has a name for this inchoate territory where everything dissolves into the primal waters.

It is called the Twelfth House…”

The Mountain Astrologer

The Mountain Astrologer

In the August/September issue of ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ magazine, I was very happy to have my long-gestated ponderings on that most mysterious of all the astrological houses, the Twelfth House, published as one of their leading articles for that issue. Called “Contemplating the Twelfth House: an optimist’s take on self-undoing”, it must have struck a deep chord with some readers. I have never before had so many powerful, moving, poignant responses to anything I’ve written.

Picture the scene: a lady is standing in a slow health food store queue in Hawaii. She is looking for something to pass the time. She picks up an astrology magazine (The Mountain Astrologer) reads my article whilst she is waiting, goes home and immediately emails me. Her comments on what she has read are affirming and much appreciated. One phrase in particular, “…we are all particles poised to slip back to the wave…” resonates so deeply that she asks me if she can use it for a very special purpose?

She has just lost a dear friend to cancer, and plans to make a collage to give to her friend’s family at the funeral, to be held in a few days. May she use my phrase around which to create the collage?

“Of course you may” I said, deeply touched by this request. She thanked me most graciously. “I’ll send you a copy when it’s done.”

The lady was as good as her word. Here is the beautiful collage she made, which I shall always treasure. Both of us, I know, will also treasure the “One World” circumstances of our contact. The Twelfth House is that place in space where all differences dissolve, back, back, back to the Source. Our joint experience across seas and continents is one tiny validation of that truth.

Rashani Réa, unique, gifted lady – thank you for including me in your world.

we are all particles...

we are all particles…




4o0 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2014
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

6 responses to “A Tender Twelfth House Tale…

  1. Aloha Anne,

    Have really been enjoying your recent posts With a 12th house Jupiter in Leo (& Moon if using whole sign houses), you’ve just inspired me to purchase this edition of the Mountain Astrologer & explore your musings for more insight on this placement.

    You seem to be a playing a particularly significant role in my own earthly play right now. I considered forwarding your Scotland piece to one of my own astrology mentors – Daniel Giamario, co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School http://shamanicastrology.com/who has led more than a few groups to Callanish & other sacred sites in that part of the world. And will be doing so again in 2015 Though born and raised in Southampton, I do have Scottish roots and somewhat feeling the call to return to the land of my ancestors. AND I know Rashani very well, having spent about a year living & working with her here on the Big Island, my current home!!! Which brings me to the why I am writing to you now – There is a typo in this beautiful & soul stirring article – it reads Rahani Rea, rather than Rashani. (satisfies my Virgo rising to point this out!) Blessings to you dear Anne, look forward to hearing more of your wonderful wisdom. Aloha Elizabeth


    • Greetings Elizabeth, and so many thanks for this lovely affirming feedback. By all means forward the Scotland piece! And I’d love to have your feedback on the Mountain Astrologer 12th House essay when you have the time or inclination.

      I was born and reared on the island on which the Callanish Stones stand….and on a less exalted but practical note, I am amused to note that we both have Virgo Ascendants….I think you must have read my very first edit of this post, for which I accidentally pressed the Publish button before I had done my usual careful Virgoan typo read through. As soon as I did, I noticed the misspelling and immediately corrected it. So I hope not many readers saw the mistake! It’s good for those of us who are perfectionists to be humbled now and then by our own imperfections, I have learned. But not without a certain amount of angst!

      Many thanks again for calling by. It’s good to know you have been enjoying my work. And you are a fortunate woman indeed to know Rashani.


  2. by email 25..9.14:
    Gives me a shiver! It’s these kind of events that make me believe some things are just meant to be and that we are all little parts of the whole. Lovely words and a lovely tribute for a friend. S x


  3. Thanks, S! Yes, it’s as you say. And one of the really positive things about the Web…


  4. The quotation and the collage are a beautiful pairing. I went over to take a look at the site, but I don’t do Facebook, period, so that wasn’t possible. Still, I’m happy for the recognition for you, and for the further dissemination of your work!


    • Many thanks for this, Linda. The encounter and subsequent artistic/poetic link with Rashani Réa could never have occurred pre-Internet. It’s important, I feel, to remind ourselves of its very positive dimension in bringing people together across continents, oceans….thee and me, is another example!


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