What are astrologers for?

Every so often, someone – usually an open-minded member of the public who has just found out what I do – asks me what my job as an astrologer is, and what the values and perspectives are are which I bring to my practice.  Here is my response. 

(Other astrologers may well have a different take on this topic. So – any practitioners, clients or students of astrology – or open-minded members of the public reading this – are most welcome to add their comments!)

Astrologer at Work

Astrologer at Work

My  job as an astrologer is to help other people understand themselves more clearly, in order to assist them in leading lives which they experience as being both fulfilling and useful. I don’t know what the balance is between fate and free will any more than any one else does. But the Birth Chart or Horoscope suggests strongly that we come into this world, not as tabulae rasae  (blank slates)  but with certain characters on the stage poised to live out a complex drama as the process of our life unfolds from birth to death.

Both astrologers and astronomers, via planetary observation, can look at and correctly plot the unfolding pattern of energies through space-time. After that, as an astrologer I step into a different realm than that of observation of the external, material, planetary world.

By looking at an individual’s horoscope, I can examine the essence of that moment in terms of its meaning, and then speculate with moderate accuracy about what some of the branches manifesting in that person’s life may be. Identifying the exact branches through which the energies symbolically represented by the planets in a horoscope may play out in the everyday world, is much more hit and miss.

Personally this cheers me, since it appears to suggest a creative balance between fate and free will in the universe; chaos theory in contemporary physics also has strong parallels with the astrological paradigm. Both the language of astrology and the language of quantum physics tells us that not everything  is pinned down.

Indeed, a view and a model are slowly emerging, despite considerable resistance from the diehard defenders of reductionism, which can demonstrate convincingly that the lenses of astrology and quantum physics are focusing on the same underlying, all encompassing Reality.

The perspectives offered by contemporary writers, astrologers, depth psychologists, and scientists, such as Richard Tarnas, Liz Greene, the late Charles Harvey, Stanislav Grof, Brian Swimme, Rupert Sheldrake, and others — including recent books by astrologers of the quality of , for example, Armand Diaz and Kieron Le Grice — have been of inestimable value to me in the last few years. I urge any readers of this blog who are keen to expand their own perspectives to explore those writers’ work.

My view, based on my personal experience as well as those of clients and students over more than 30 years, as well as extensive reading and study, is that the key dimension in determining how a particular planetary pattern will play out in a person’s life is the level of consciousness at which they are operating at the time the inevitable challenges of life come their way.

Most astrologers have had the humbling experience of looking at the horoscope of a client which looks so difficult that the impending consultation feels very stressful, but upon encountering the client, they meet someone who has faced, dealt with, and grown through hard experiences that would have flattened a less aware person.

Anne W: Example Horoscope

Anne W: Example Horoscope

We can never predict the level of awareness of a client we have never met, although we can have a pretty good idea that, e.g., Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto square the Moon is going to be no walk in the park.

I am personally very hesitant about both the accuracy and the wisdom of predicting at all, especially for individuals, in any more than a “describing the core and speculating about the branches” kind of way. Predicting that a specific branch will manifest may well close down possibilities rather than open them up, which also takes us into the realm of self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example, when Uranus was about to cross my Pisces Descendant in 2005, beginning its seven or so years’ traverse of my 7th house, I became concerned about what this might mean for my marriage. The rather problematic implications of Uranus’ impact on the relationship realm that practising astrologers see every day in their students’ and clients’ lives, as well as their own, worried me.

However, a profound, totally unexpected spiritual experience on my husband’s part linked both our spiritual journeys into walking the same path at the same time. This has had a supportive, deepening effect on our marriage and not one I could possibly have envisaged before Uranus crossed my Descendant.

I think that effective astrologers in consultation are poised on the interface between fate and free will – on the one hand helping clients to confirm who they are, which they probably already know, if they are honest with themselves; but on the other hand helping them to see, and to broaden, the range of possible expression of the energies with which they have been born.

The astrologer’s ego should have a minimal influence on the process of reading another person’s Horoscope. It’s impossible to keep ego completely out of it. It’s impossible to be completely objective, to avoid making mistakes; but what the person takes away should be as much theirs, and as little the astrologers, as is possible.

To maximise this outcome I feel it is very important to have my work regularly supervised by an experienced and well-qualified colleague. I am fortunate in this to have  the support of a very experienced astrologer who is also a psychodynamic psychotherapist.

The main focus of my astrological work now is in vocational guidance, and in helping people who feel themselves to be on a developmental path which is rooted in whatever their sense of meaning may be, to gain an enhanced sense of clarity and perspective. Having been very much influenced by Buddhist philosophy in the last decade, in my own life I try to practice living in the present as effectively and mindfully as possible. ( Not easy…but well worth the effort!)

I’m only interested in working with clients who are prepared to take responsibility for themselves in relation to the way in which their inner world is connected to the unfolding of their outer life. Astrology appropriately used should enhance the sense of personal responsibility – not take it away and hang it on the planets, or even worse, on the astrologer !

In my view it is important for people not to become too dependent on a symbolic context – astrology and astrologers like relationships, drugs, sex, alcohol or the national lottery can become highly addictive. The great symbolic arts, eg astrology, tarot, palmistry , I Ching, should be consulted with deep respect, and with considerable restraint.

                    In sum – I think it is my job to send people away feeling more able to operate constructively and honestly in their world than when they came in, by supporting their courage and confidence to lead their own lives using their own judgement. 

However, I also consider it important to have a refer-on list of reputable therapeutic practitioners of varying disciplines, if it becomes apparent from our reading that the person consulting me needs some form of ongoing help. In assessing this, a long background as a counsellor as well as an astrologer I regard as being of immense help to me – and therefore, I hope, to my clients….




1300 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2014

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

12 responses to “What are astrologers for?

  1. From Leslie Hoffman via Facebook 22.10.14:
    Excellent! I drank in every word along with several exclamations of “YES!” One of your statements is of special comfort: “Most astrologers have had the humbling experience of looking at the horoscope of a client which looks so difficult that the impending consultation feels very stressful, but upon encountering the client, they meet someone who has faced, dealt with, and grown through hard experiences that would have flattened a less aware person.” Thank you.


  2. Many thanks for this affirmation, Leslie.


  3. From Angela Giannicopoulos via Facebook 23.10.14:
    A wonderful article Anne and I totally agree with you! I also believe that the way the planetary patterns will play out depends mostly on the level of our consciousness.


  4. Thanks, Angela. Will be back a little later when I have time to add more to this reply!


  5. From Maureen Genatempo-LoCascio via Facebook 23.10.14:
    Loved this Anne, you were born to write. Xox


  6. Many thanks, Maureen, for your generosity. Certainly, I can never remember NOT writing, in one context or another!


  7. One thing the internet has done for us is open up the worlds of people quite different from ourselves. I’ve bumped up against people who are more than willing to ascribe their life difficulties to the planets, and I’ve been variously amused and perplexed by their insistence that they “can’t” move beyond this or that because of the planetary influence. Which is to say: I appreciate your insistence on personal responsibility, and the clear, cautionary note about the interplay of fate and free will.

    Now, here’s a tidbit for you that’s not directly related, but interesting. When I lived in Liberia, my Kpelle name was Nenekweli. It means “bright woman.” At first, I joked that it was great to finally have someone recognize my native intelligence. Then, I found out that “bright” is a common term for someone with light skin. Sigh.

    However! Just this past week, I realized something else. I varnish boats for a living, yes. But the correct, “technical term” for what I do is “brightwork.”
    Hmmmm…. Isn’t that interesting?


    • A famous scientist, whose name I forget, said something to the effect that not only is the Universe stranger than we suppose, it is stranger than we CAN suppose. I go along with that, as I am sure you do! Why shouldn’t your Liberian friends, then, without realising it consciously, give you a name which is predictive of one of your future careers?

      Thanks for this interesting snippet, Linda! And – if you check the comment I left on your Tree House (http://treehousearts.me/2014/10/18/linda-leinen-writer-and-blogger/ ) interview and biography – you will find that I have been diagnosing the strongest planetary energies in your horoscope from the information you provided there…!


  8. Anne:
    This is wonderful. As a professional Astrologer who is relatively new to the field (5+ years), I find this particularly inspiring and a re-affirmation of our mission. What you’ve written is very clear and I hope others who are considering joining the ranks of Astrologers can benefit from this outline. Thank you.


    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Sagmind! One of my favourite activities as a Third Age person is offering support, mentoring and if possible, inspiration to younger talents emerging, you definitely being one of them in the astrological world. It’s good to know I’m succeeding!


  9. You always manage to encapsulate the most profound wisdom so succinctly Anne. As ususal I am reminded of a quote – “The wise man realises the more he learns the less he knows”. Of course he still shares all the wisdom he has learned and you do so eminently well xXx


    • Many thanks for your kind and affirming words, Carole! I can add to the quote as follows: “…and the older s/he gets, the more s/he realises how much has been forgotten of the little once known…” !

      Still – one has to keep trying!!


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