As Neptune turns direct, some thoughts on interconnectedness…

One of the many intriguing things I have found about astrology is this: even when you are not being particularly attentive to exactly what is going on with the planets, you are still living out the energy patterns they describe in symbolic terms.

During my long 2001-8 retreat, when I simply did not have the physical energy to engage with astrology’s power ( does this sound strange? That’s exactly what it felt like ) I did not practice as an astrologer and rarely looked at an Ephemeris, although I maintained an interest in the subject in which I had been immersed for the preceding twenty years.

Nevertheless, there were certain days when I would feel energies which I could only express in planetary terms, would check the Ephemeris, and sure enough my felt sense of eg Mars crossing my Descendant (stay out of my way today, friends and partner!), or the Moon triggering my Saturn/Pluto conjunction (ouch!) would prove to be correct. This used to make me smile wryly and say to myself : ‘Well, you may take the girl out of Astrology, but taking Astrology out of the girl is another matter altogether!’

Today I have had a similar experience. It has felt right in the last couple of days to begin to move forward in promoting my memoir and analysis of thirty years’ paranormal experiences, ‘Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness’; I have begun asking Friends and colleagues as well as astrology students past and current, for some help in PR which I am not best at doing.

I wondered why this felt like the right time to be embarking on the task of promoting this piece of work: I wrote the book from my conviction that it is important for all of us who know we live in a multi-levelled, interconnected Universe to speak out against the stance Scientism, and its offshoot Skepticism takes, ie that anything which cannot be explained in reductionist terms not only does not exist, but cannot exist.

“I wonder when Neptune turns direct?” I thought this morning. “It feels like that kind of energy right now.” Neptune has been transiting my Sixth house of work, health and service for a very long time and is due to cross into the upper hemisphere of my horoscope over the next couple of years. So I checked the Ephemeris: Neptune moves so slowly that I don’t check its daily position very often.

Sure enough, Neptune turns direct tomorrow…..and Neptune as we all know is the planet which connects us to the mysterious, ineffable, spiritual and symbolic dimensions of our existence.

Have any of my readers had similar experiences which they would like to share? I would be most interested to hear from you!




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15 responses to “As Neptune turns direct, some thoughts on interconnectedness…

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  2. Goody. Maybe this means my artistic muse is going to return. She has been elusive for a while now.


  3. I have been working hard to get my second book ready for publication…and the pull to publish online is also so strong it cannot be ignored. Yesterday I was looking through files when a piece of paper fell out with the name and contact details of a producer who is renowned for creating “other worlds” in his films. The timing seems right…my book is a novel set in the Afterlife with other realms involved as well. I will pay attention to this message and send him a copy of my book when it is available in print.


    • This is brilliant feedback, Bev! Just fits with the current energy field. Good luck with the book – and I’d recommend that you do consider publishing online. I am certainly finding that having had high quality downloadable pdfs made of my books, and simply selling them straight from my site, has cut out an enormous amount of the hassle with not great returns to show for it, that I have heard from other writers who have chosen to publish online…


  4. Interesting…I hadn’t even considered publishing downloadable pdfs on my site. I was planning to publish with Smashwords because they distribute to four booksellers such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc. Is your pdf version compatible with E-readers? How are you set up to receive payment?


    • Hi Bev
      as far as I know, yes – I am a Mac user, and it looks great on IBooks ….if you like, I’ll send you a copy of “Wisps….” ( no worries, not expecting you to read it!) so that you can see how well and professionally it has been produced by co-occurence: Have a look at the bottom of this promo page, and you will see how the book has been set up for payment…. I am also thinking of setting up a cheque option, once I have organised a business address. You could contact co-occurrence directly for info if you are interested. They are very good to work with – have just finished publishing another of my books! – and charge reasonable rates. Hope this info is helpful.


  5. Yes! For the first time since I have been in East Jerusalem (which feels much more like an occupied city than a holy city to me) I got spiritual succour and inspiration from attending Mass at St Etienne Basilica, where a wonderful choir of Dominican monks gave most of the service. It felt good to have monks interceeding on my behalf with God, despite my Quaker background. Jane


  6. Thanks for this feedback, Jane – responses so far are developing a truly international flavour…..and in them one can see how the planet whose archetypal core symbolises ‘the mysterious, ineffable, spiritual and symbolic dimensions of our existence’, produces many branches, all connecting back to the same root.


  7. Even when I don’t have anything to add, it’s always interesting to read your posts, and see what feedback comes from other readers. Here’s to even greater productivity and energy!


  8. Thanks Anne for the information. I will consider using your referral but for the moment I am leaning heavily towards Smashwords.. BTW…I read Ellis’s review of your book and it sounds intriguing! I will order it online now. Thanks!


  9. Well, many thanks indeed Linda! In actual fact I must be channelling inspiration from Neptune, since my third ebook for 2014, ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus” came to fruition at last yesterday evening:
    I’m giving this one away free since it’s original astrological research and I’d like members of the astrological community as well as open-minded and curious members of the public to read it. It’s pretty accessible to the lay reader – just skip the charts!

    And as though that wasn’t enough by way of inspiration – today I found my new office, overlooking a local park and just beside a Hindu temple
    ( Neptune, religion, etc….)

    I think I need to go and lie down now after all that excitement…..but will be dropping by your blog in a day or so. Thanks for the visit. You are one of my precious open-minded, curious people in this astrological sphere!


  10. “During my long 2001-8 retreat, when I simply did not have the physical energy to engage with astrology’s power ( does this sound strange? That’s exactly what it felt like ) ” –no; that did not sound strange at all, as I went through a similar retreat about that same time period.. (2000-2006) My drawing was strong but my paintings turned to mud. My physical energy was strong, but my emotional side was dog paddling through difficult waters. It felt great to finally move forward, slowly at first and finally full throttle!

    In the 90’s I once had a very strong nudge to write a particular lady on a particular day and get it in the mail the next day. She had been a guest in my bed and breakfast and was suffering from intense grief from her son’s suicide. About a week later I received a letter from her and her first words were, “Lisa. Your letter arrived on my son’s birthday…”

    Sometimes we’re nudged forward. Some of us know why (like you) and others sometimes follow those nudges but do not know why. Thankfully we have people like you who help us understand those mysteries. Thank you.



  11. Hi Lisa/Z thanks so much for dropping by and for your supportive words to me. It is taking me a long time to begin fully to appreciate the gifts which were a very significant part of what was also a very long and often frightening ordeal, the worst part of which was not knowing for a long time whether I would ever recover my energy. The greatest gift, I think, is that of powerful reinforcement of my sense that we do indeed live in an interconnected and meaningful Universe. When most other things that define you are taken away, you have a choice either of relying on faith ( however you choose to define it) or falling into the abyss. I did the former, and found great support and strength from levels which are simply not accessible through the five material senses. It’s good to feel that what I have to share since returning is of some value. I was most interested in your 2000-6 experience of artistic retreat, and hope you feel that your creativity has been strengthened and deepened as a result. If your brilliant blog is anything to go by, it certainly has!


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