Boundaries and power issues in astrological practice: what are your thoughts?

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had a former career as a social worker – including five years in psychiatric work – before I discovered astrology, shortly after which I set up a private counselling practice which ran alongside, but separate from, my practice as an astrologer.

This Wonderful Universe

This Wonderful Universe

When I embarked on my Diploma in Psychological Astrology with Liz Greene and the late Charles Harvey at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London between 1995-8, all students were obliged to undertake at least a year of their own therapy as a condition of entry into the Diploma Course. All the work we did with clients was thoroughly supervised.

On my return to part-time practice in 2012 after a very long sabbatical, the first thing I did was to re-connect with my former supervisor, a very experienced astrologer and psychodynamic psychotherapist: I find this kind of challenge and support essential in keeping an eye on my own current issues in relation to the work I do with clients. Invariably astrology (and counselling) clients bring us our own issues very often, and we need to be aware of this. 

Power and boundary issues need to be discussed more than they are in astrological circles. It’s not sufficient to believe that generalised good will and a desire to help other people will automatically bestow wisdom, good judgement, humility and appropriate restraint on astrologers – or confer automatic protection on their clients. There is much more to it than that!

Master astrologer Donna Cunningham has therefore done us all a big favour by raising the topic of boundaries, power issues, and the awful things some astrologers say to their clients, on her blog Sky Writer. Have a read HERE to enjoy the benefits of  Donna’s wisdom and experience – and do come back to let me know what your views and experiences are, either as an astrologer or as a client – both positive and negative.

Astrology, since it is practised by fallible humans, can wound practitioners and clients as well as offering perspective and healing. It is as well for us to be aware of this…




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6 responses to “Boundaries and power issues in astrological practice: what are your thoughts?

  1. Anne, thank you so much for addressing this crucial topic. Recognizing boundaries and respecting them are a need in any of the helping professions, but astrologers haven’t been exposed to this concept. Donna Cunningham.


  2. Donna, you are most welcome – and thank you for your very valuable series of articles on the topic aired in this post, which I hope my readers will visit Sky Writer to see – and reflect upon…


  3. Anne, I am not an astrologer however Tarot readers face similar boundary issues and so I will repeat the comment I made to you in an email. One client recently asked me if I “did Black Magic” and if so, would I use it to get rid of her son’s girlfriend (not to physically harm her, but get her away from him). Of course I told her that Black Magic was not part of my culture; that I regarded it as negative energy and harmful both to the client and the reader, if used for ill intentions. We must tread carefully when dealing with life issues such as psychological and physical health problems, emotional issues, as well as relationships, finances, etc. We can gently guide clients but we are not authorities and must be careful not to cross that boundary of responsibility. Thanks for this post and the referral link…this is a subject that needs careful consideration by all practitioners in the field of astrology and readings of any kind..


  4. Thanks very much for this thoughtful and constructive comment, Bev, and for that rather hair-raising example! Just shows you what scope there is for the abuse of power amongst less scrupulous practitioners…


  5. This is an excellent point Anne and one that I feel I naturally leaned towards when I first started learning Astrology and I am glad to say that healthy boundaries was a principle firmly installed by your good self when I studied with you. I am fervent believer that Astrology is an invaluable key to understanding yourself and those around you but the honest translation of that is indeed a delicate operation at times. Donna’s site has a wealth of profound advice which is delivered with wisdom and clarity. It should be compulsory reading for all Astrology students and practitioners. Thanks for posting this and the link to Donna’s articles.


  6. You are most welcome, Carole. Do let people on your networks know about Donna’s site, Sky Writer. There is an absolute wealth of information to be found there.


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