“Contemplating the Twelfth House – an optimist’s take on self undoing”

I’m delighted to say that my long essay “Contemplating the Twelfth House – an optimist’s take on self undoing” is featured this month on Astrodienst, one of the world’s most respected astrology sites. So, here it is for those of you who have been asking for some time for a copy….

NOTE: First published in: The Mountain Astrologer, Aug/Sep 2014

Republished in: The Astrological Journal, Mar/Apr 2015


  • 70 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015

    Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

6 responses to ““Contemplating the Twelfth House – an optimist’s take on self undoing”

  1. Lovely! It’s nice to see your work spreading out a bit more.


  2. Hi Anne, I’m late to the party but I just wanted to thank you for this article. I am also a 12th house sun and grew up contemplating (worrying about) my destiny of “self undoing.” As it turns out, I’ve had a very happy, successful life this time around and I’ve never been institutionalized or imprisoned.

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  3. Hi Rian, many thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I felt the time had come to bring a constructive, 21st Century perspective to bear on this most complex of houses, rather than the mediaeval doom-laden stuff about it which still seems to cling to many people’s perceptions. Yes, I too have had a stable and pretty successful adult life and to the best of my knowledge have never been institiutionalised or imprisoned either. Mind you…there’s still time!


  4. Great article, Anne! And you of all people, with both Saturn-Pluto and Sun-Moon in 12, would know!! i Bow to your willingness as a Soul to take on such a task and, rejecting victimhood, translate it for the rest of us. I interpret the twelfth house as “Avoid prisons and hospitals by introverting and meditating,” and Saturn-Pluto as “The Most Important Thing is to obey your Compulsions.”


    • Thanks! And yes, I feel that my particular line-up gives me the credibility to comment on this most maligned and misunderstood house…I like your pithy advice on how to deal with the Twelfth House…but I think re Saturn/Pluto it very much depends on which compulsions you choose to obey – if your aim is to have a positive and constructive life!!


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