As Mercury goes direct…a tale of three Virgo planets, an astrologer, and a blessed cupcake…

How’s this for astrology in action, emotionally, physically and symbolically? I spent this morning in a highly Virgoan pursuit: going through all my old paper files and systematically weeding out all the masses of stuff I no longer need. So far, so Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo.

Astrologers at Work

Astrologers at Work

And now it gets more dynamic. My Ascendant is 8-9 degrees Virgo. I decide to check my TimePassages astrology app ( excellent, by the way!) just before leaving the house at around 1345 BST. The Moon is exactly conjunct Mars and both are sitting right on top of my Ascendant.

Looking at the chart of the moment I think to myself “I wonder what woman is going to annoy me today?” At that PRECISE moment, folks, my phone rings: a London number. I answer it. It is a female sales person, trying to get me to report an accident ( which of course I have not had) in order to make an insurance claim. I loathe those calls. “Excuse me! “I shout into the phone, several times, trying to break through the spiel to inform the caller that we do not accept unsolicited calls and that they should remove our details forthwith. At my third attempt to break through, she hangs up, leaving me fizzing. Three attempts to call the number fail. Exasperated, I give up, then realise the precision of the astrology’s relationship to that moment. And calm down.

I take another look at the moment’s horoscope and realise that the Moon is leaving Mars and heading for Jupiter – 12 degrees Virgo conjunct my Ascendant in the First House. “Mmmm…” I think. “And what woman is going to please and cheer me up today, who is in some way connected to health and education?” Holding this thought, I exit my house, walk along the street, and stroll into our local Botanic Gardens – a few minutes’ walk from our house.

A few seconds later there is a cheery “Hello, Anne! How lovely to see you!” and one of my favourite astrology students, a nutritionist and yoga teacher, screeches to a halt, jumps off her bike, gives me a big hug, and walks with me along the riverside through the park towards my office, chatting cheerfully as we go. I tell her about the Moon/Mars/Jupiter /my Ascendant episode, and she beams. “Well, that’s astrology for you. No wonder we love it so.” We part ways, me thoroughly uplifted by the encounter.

Approaching the office, I remind myself, very happily since the last three weeks have been the most trying at every level of communication I’ve experienced for many a long year, that Mercury is about to go direct. I also realise that the transiting Virgo Moon is drawing ever closer to Jupiter in my First House.  “Wouldn’t it be great if that review book I’ve been expecting has arrived?” I think. Yes, there it was, beckoning enticingly in my in-tray.

So, Reader, I lay on the office sofa happily for the rest of the afternoon, drinking coffee, eating the chocolate cup cake recently blessed by the lama at the Buddhist centre round the corner (which I had been saving for a special occasion), and reading. What a perfect beginning to Mercury going direct!

Mercury in Action!

Mercury in Action!

Any tales from my readers demonstrating how jaw-droppingly descriptive astrological symbolism can be, are most welcome. Do share your story by leaving a comment.



600 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page of Writing from the Twelfth House

6 responses to “As Mercury goes direct…a tale of three Virgo planets, an astrologer, and a blessed cupcake…

  1. Well, bless your heart. It sounds like it’s a good thing for you that Mercury is moving on — at least for a time. On the other hand, what’s not to like about a chocolate cupcake? The truth is, every chocolate cupcake is blessed. it’s just that some know it, and some don’t.

    Now I have a hankering for a chocolate cupcake, as we say down here in the south. I wonder if there’s a fancy cupcake shoppe around here? If I had a Mercury, I could get it and drive directly to my cupcake! (It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m feeling just a little flippant!)


    • It’s ok, Linda, you surely are allowed to be flippant today of all days…

      And by the way, I’m still not getting my emails of your latest posts….maybe Mercury going direct will fix it, though!


  2. Hello Anne, I just needed to share that I also have Virgo Rising at 8.32 degrees Virgo; what a coincidence! Also, just returning from a trip and feeling jet lag from the three hour time difference, so I have not looked at my chart in two weeks. So, Moon and Mars are there and Uranus is exactly squaring my Cancerian Sun. I must do some thinking about this! Interestingly, Mercury is messing with our postal mail. It was held at the post office for two weeks while we were gone and per instructions, we went to pick it all up yesterday. It was not there. They promised to deliver it to us today, but it has not been delivered. We called the post office and they know nothing about it! Okay, now where is my mail Mercury? When I get a chance to review things, I will comment again! I love reading your posts!


    • Well, Peg, I do hope your mail arrives by Thanksgiving! It may amuse you to know that this is my third attempt to answer your comment. The first two disappeared the day Mercury went direct and the day after…and many thanks for your kind words about my posts. And the Likes! I will drop by and visit yours very soon.


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