A Clinton White House (again…) in 2017 ? Some thoughts from astrologer Victor Olliver

Here is that classy, sassy, pin-sharp astrologer Victor Olliver’s ‘take’ on Hilary Clinton and the White House. Will she return?

As Victor memorably puts it in this very perceptive analysis both of her natal chart , Election Day 2016 and Inauguration Day 2017: “…That Hillary Clinton seeks ultimate power there can be little doubt. She didn’t join Twitter on 10 June, 2013, just to share her thoughts on pantsuits….” 

Enjoy the read. And do share your own thoughts!



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100 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Victor Olliver 2016

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

6 responses to “A Clinton White House (again…) in 2017 ? Some thoughts from astrologer Victor Olliver

  1. Despite skimming some of the more arcane parts, I enjoyed the article. And that’s all I’ll say about that. I’ve already voted in the primary, and have foresworn all political conversation, etc., for the duration. Once we have two candidates (or more? who knows) I’ll pay attention again.

    Well, except for this: I would be greatly cheered if the good Mr. Trump went down to serious defeat tomorrow.


  2. Yes, well, those of us sharing your feelings as expressed in the last sentence are, I suspect, legion…


  3. The problem seems to be, that there are a LOT of people who like him, and his stance.. the question, then, is why? What conditions have prevailed, that cause so many people to be rooting for him, and all that bombast? More to the point…. what do these conditions spell for the future?


  4. The question I asked myself in 2013 was whether Hillary stood a chance, and did she intend to stand. Trump wasn’t even on the consideration list back then. Now, as he appears unstoppable for the Republican nomination, what does his chart tell us? His prog Sun is in the 29th degree of Leo bang on his Ascendant and fixed star Regulus (associated with ‘royalty’) – no wonder we see such a display of bombast – how can people resist such energy? This also triggers the sextile to Sun-Uranus in his 10th – which can only help him. I think it is this refreshing blast of newness in politics that many are drawn to – the promises, the teeth, the leonine hair. By 8 Nov his prog Sun is just in Virgo but still activating Leo Ascendant. NB The great thing about astrology is that you can never be certain what the aspects pertain to. Perhaps Trump’s promised triumph will lie somewhere else other than politics. Or may be he’ll rob Hillary of the WH… I’m not sure i believe that… but astrologers have to keep their doors open.


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