A new venture for a New Year! Check out “The Astro-View from Scotland” in Dell Horoscope

I’m most happy to be joining a team of quality astrologers who write for USA’s distinguished Dell Horoscope Magazine. As from January 2017, you can read my thoughts on a diverse range of topics – no, I’m not going to tell you what they are. Subscribe to the magazine, either by print or e-subscription, and you will find out!



And – New Year Greetings and a big Thank-You to all my readers, likers and commenters who have made keeping this blog for the last few years such a fun project. Do keep dropping by, as this year – full of jaw-dropping uncertainties set in motion by the last one – gets under weigh.

And – got any really interesting questions for me to tackle in 2017? If you do, let me know and I will do my best to find an answer for you.




150 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2017
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


23 responses to “A new venture for a New Year! Check out “The Astro-View from Scotland” in Dell Horoscope

  1. Happy New Year, Anne, and congratulations on your new writing gig!

  2. Wishing you well with this, Anne! I will check this out! Might be time for a subscription!

  3. Congratulations – This is great and sounds like it will be fun as well as rewarding! Yes, jaw-dropping uncertainties seems to be the norm… You have a better view into what’s ahead than most of us! Let us know when to buckle our seat belts!

    • Many thanks for your support, Lisa!

      Well, if I were you I’d keep those seatbelts buckled…but maybe not quite as tightly as in 2017…I’m going to be sharing a very fine perspective and overview blog post from an astro-colleague shortly. Watch this space!

      • Your posts are always a comfort, and even if those perspectives are not total sunshine and flowers, it helps (like now) to know when a planet is retrograde, etc etc. You do a great job of warning us with sensitivity!!!

        Speaking of seatbelts, the people in Jama said that the earth first gave one big jolt.. just one.. then waited 7 or 8 minutes, and then bsically gave one big ‘heave’ toward the sky, and the next minute was about the longest and most-challenging minute most of those dear souls had ever experienced. Lights went out with that first upward thrust, too, so they were banketed in darkness as they tried to find ways to get outside to a safer place.. Then there were tsunami warnings, and later it rained…

        They are now living in ‘seatbelt buckled’ mode every time they feel the slightest hiccup….

      • Hi Lisa

        thank you so much for your supportive words…it’s important to me to be honest but empowering and not intimidating as far as possible.

        I often feel humbled when I read your ‘postcards from the edge’ which is what they feel like at times. Your own determination and fortitude as you carry on, almost regardless, being the fine artist and commenter on the natural world which you are, combined with the courage and resilience of the folk in your area, so beleaguered by both Nature and institutional corruption/neglect, is a wonderful example to those of us for whom, by and large, occasional bouts of bad weather and ( mostly) benignly inept government is all we have to bother us…

      • Dear dear Anne! Thank you as well… we adapt to what the day delivers – warriors with good intentions and prepared to react via our highest integrity… there are days when i feel as if Life is giving me tests – whew – and sometimes with sadistic sense of humor!

        In the end, it all works out, though it’s nice to have those subtle warnings before we enter rough waters! Thanks for all that you do!

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    Good luck, Anne!

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    Good luck, Anne!

  6. Well done, congrats Anne! Much love to you xxx

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