All Scorpios: look away now!

It’s now almost the end of February – anyone else delighted? Don’t all shout YES as once – and as I celebrate the return of vibrantly fresh daffodils to our local Botanic Gardens, I can detect an improvement in my very grumpy, ‘blanket over the head’ mood of recent weeks. So – I thought I’d continue with my ‘cheering up my readers’ mission ( thanks for your response to my ’20 Questions and a Selfie’ post: the bacon sandwich writer’s bribery tip got a lot of you going!) by sharing my favourite astrology cartoon. It’s a reminder to us all, astrologers or not, that we should not take ourselves TOO seriously…

With apologies to Scorpios...

With apologies to Scorpios…

This lugubrious chap clutching a newspaper is staring at his television which is saying: ”The practice of astrology took a major step toward achieving credibility today when, as predicted, everyone born under the sign of Scorpio was run over by an egg lorry”.

Now, before any thin-skinned Scorpios leave me annoyed comments, I hasten to add that you are free to assign any sign you like to the above unfortunate fate. I’m a Leo…the egg lorry awaits…




200 words copyright Anne Whitaker/2017

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page



15 responses to “All Scorpios: look away now!

  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Here is a tipping of a hat to anyone who is a Big Cat. (Though mine are all 11th house, making me a bit of an Aquarius in Leo clothing, or is it vice vesa?)

    • Well, I am married to an Aquarian, so Aquarians are quite safe from the egg lorry!

      • Too bad that we are not likely to meet face to face or at least via Skype. We could have a LONG chat about such things. (I do not wish to give out TOO much personal info on the open ‘net.) For a supposed “Leo,” my chart is so very Aquarian that it is a bit mind-boggling. (Maybe this has something to do with why you and I connect so well?)

      • Would not be surprised, GT! Also, I am very Uranian…

      • Maybe a Skype one day. Would love to visit UK some day, though some of the constraints might be tough for me. (I am a nearly lifelong big fan of pocket knives, and I hear those are a no-no in the UK now.)

      • Sorry, missed this comment! Well, if only the Sun is in Leo and lots of other angles/Planets/Nodes/asteroids are in Aquarius, then you have the best of two equally wonderful worlds….( note self-effacing modesty here…) I have always got on well with Aquarians, including my husband who has two Aquarian planets. I am not given much to emerging from behind the 12th House sofa these days ( 5 or 6 12th House planets here) – prefer just to send out my writing.

      • …by the way, that wouldn’t happen to be a Chocolate Easter Egg lorry, would it?

      • Well, it will be in a few more weeks…

      • 🙂 Le Bon Temps Roullez! 🙂

  2. First, I had to figure out what an egg lorry might be. Now that I have that straight, I’m laughing right along with you. And your larger point’s an important one. We all could stand to lighten up a little. After all, even gallows humor is humor!

    • I think that always being ready to laugh at one’s own and one’s fellow humans’ absurdities, whilst also being able accurately to judge when a serious response is required, is one of the gifts of maturity.

      As for gallows humour – personally, I don’t think I could have survived without it!

      PS I have just remembered from some distant exchange of ours, that you may have the Sun in Scorpio. Should I duck now?

  3. would this apply to moon in scorpios?

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