New Moon Eclipse in Cancer…the old order changes…

The only certainty in life is change…Jupiter this week turned direct in Scorpio and is soon to surface from those murky depths, entering his  fiery, adventurous home sign of Sagittarius early in November 2018, just two days after the North Node enters Cancer, thereby ending the Nodes’ eighteen months sojourn in Leo/Aquarius.

This first eclipse of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity, therefore, is an early herald of changing planetary weather as this especially turbulent year begins to wind down from the Midsummer peak. The Web is full of opinion and prediction regarding this Cancer solar eclipse. I have just shared Virginia Bell’s fine reflection on that very topic over on this site’s Facebook Page. 

However, in my usual contrarian style, I feel it’s time to look back a little, at the Leo/Aquarius Nodal journey and an interesting personal tale – told earlier this year – which illustrates its core meaning very vividly. 

‘...Unless you live in a cave far far away – with no wifi – you will have noticed that Jupiter is still in Scorpio, with the Moon’s Nodes travelling retrograde through Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node). It’s time for a story weaving all those symbolic energies together. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

A fascinating conversation recently with a friend about individuality, lineage, and tribe – apt for Leo/Aquarius – evoked a long-buried memory. Many years ago, I took my good friend Emma (not her real name), then recovering from a serious illness,  for a restful holiday to the Hebridean island of my birth. Transport links were poor, we were young and adventurous; hitchhiking to the remote places and beautiful beaches I wanted to show her seemed the best option.

“What you need to remember,” I said to her solemnly as we set out for one of the wild outlying areas on the Atlantic coast where my Macleod ancestors had lived, “ is that I have been away for such a long time that I don’t really know anyone in those parts any more.”

We were soon offered a lift from a man aged around sixty – a total stranger. As we drove through increasingly wild, starkly beautiful countryside towards our destination, after chatting amicably about this and that, he looked quizzically at me and said, head to one side: “ You wouldn’t be any relation of Calum Curlach (Calum of the curly hair) I suppose?”

Startled, I replied “Yes. He was my grandfather.”

Later that day, with rain pouring down and us getting soaked, whilst trudging past some houses on a hillside overlooking a stunning beach wreathed in sea mist, I said to Emma “I’m fed up of this – a cup of tea would be a good idea. Come on, I’m going to knock on the first door to ask if we can come in for shelter till the rain goes off.”

“You can’t do that to complete strangers!” she said.

“Watch me,” was my reply.

She had never experienced the tradition of Celtic hospitality in which I had been raised.

Five minutes later, we were warming ourselves by a peat fire whilst the lady of the house fussed around, making tea and sandwiches. After a few pleasantries had been exchanged, she asked me what I recalled as a very traditional Hebridean question: “Who are your people?”

On finding out that I was Calum Curlach’s granddaughter, she added scones and cream to the sandwiches. We spent the next hour eating, drinking tea and hearing stories about my distant relatives which I had never heard before. Emma sat there listening in open-mouthed amazement.

Heading back to town some hours later, on one of the very infrequent local buses, she remarked with a grin:

“You lied to me! I thought you didn’t know anyone here any more?”

“Well, I don’t, in any personal sense” was my reply. “ I was known today by lineage and by tribe, not for who it is I actually am.”

I added that I did not know whether to be comforted or disconcerted by what had occurred.

Many years later, as an astrologer reflecting on the above events – whose memory was evoked by that recent conversation with the friend who had been recognised in a similar way herself – a realisation dawned. In that strange engagement between my individualistic urban self and the Celtic community into which I had been born and raised, I had encountered the Leo/Aquarius polarity in a very striking form.

Leos – I have the Sun and several planets in Leo, in the twelfth house – need above all things to be recognised and affirmed for their unique individuality. Aquarians, on the other hand, are quite comfortable with an identity shared with whatever the tribe is to which they consider they belong.

I find it quite fascinating that our conversation should have occurred during the present Leo/Aquarius Nodal/eclipse season; also, I am writing this column just after the much-hyped Super Moon lunar eclipse on January 31st – which triggered natal Pluto, ruler of my 29 degrees Scorpio IC/South Node..

Furthermore, checking back in the ephemeris, I found that in the summer in which the experience described had occurred, the North Node was transiting my Scorpio/South Node IC.  As a further thread in the weave of lineage,  I had discovered some years ago that grandfather Calum Curlach’s progressed IC was 29 degrees Scorpio in the year I was born…

Natal Jupiter is in my third house in Scorpio right now. I am currently at the end of one 12-year Jupiter cycle, awaiting the challenging new possibilities for learning and development which the new one will bring, as it will to all of us Jupiter in Scorpio folk.

In keeping with this, I had been thinking a great deal before that conversation about my grandfathers, wonderful old men, who both died during my first Jupiter Return. I was then approaching twelve years of age. Their passing opened me out to an understanding of some deep truths: all human life is finite; love and loss are but two sides of the same coin.

There is a story, too, about my other grandfather. This involves his Victorian rose gold watch chain, and my choice to have it melted down and made into golden crescent earrings and a ring – which I collected just two weeks ago, several Jupiter Returns after he died, during this Leo/Aquarius Nodal season. But that tale is for another day…


This post first appeared in my bi-monthly column for Dell Horoscope Magazine  ‘The astro-view from Scotland’ in the July/August 2018 Issue.




1100 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Dell Horoscope Magazine 2018

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page of Writing from the Twelfth House

12 responses to “New Moon Eclipse in Cancer…the old order changes…

  1. Wonderful story and makes me think about tribe/ family and individuality in a deep way! Thank you so much for sharing, Anne.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I appreciate the ways in which you illuminate the transits, with personal stories which help me see how most all of our experiences can be seen in this manner. I enjoy reading these very much. Thank you, Anne.


    • Much appreciated, Carrie – in keeping with my 12th House Sun and other planets there, I’ve always been concerned to illustrate the collective through the prism of personal experience, either my own or that of others – so it’s really pleasing to me that that’s what you take from my writing.

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  3. Via Faceboook:
    Nuria Quitt
    “ I was known today by lineage and by tribe, not for who it is I actually am.” What a beautiful story; it really strikes a cord in me. I have nothing in Leo but a Stellium including my Sun in the 5th square Saturn in Aquarius. It is hugely important to me to be seen for who I am, never mind the baggage of my ‘tribe’.

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  4. That stellium in the fifth qualifies you as an honorary Leo for sure, Nuria! Glad you enjoyed the story…


  5. Via Faceboook:
    Carol Ann Cormack
    Interesting and enjoyable tale indeed! We are individuals, but members of the collective too. Scotland is such a small country that wherever you go you’ll meet someone who knows someone you know. I love this – it gives me, as an Aquarian, a sense of identity and belonging.

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  6. Via Faceboook:
    Emilie Llewellyn Simons
    What a wonderful story, and I look forward to hearing the story behind your other grandfather and the watch chain. I had never thought about the Aquarius/Leo polarity in this way, but this gives me much to contemplate over. I can feel this for sure, with my planets and Moon in Leo opposite my Aquarius Ascendant. I suppose I have always longed to have a lineage like that, but I am way too individualistic and my need to be recognised as who I am, not of where I came from, will always get in the way. But I think I will always have a great fascination with my own ancestral background and with ancient connections in general, and of wishing I were genetically connected to a tribe. Although I feel quite happy to have found my non-genetic tribe of astrologers :).

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  7. Many thanks for this thoughtful response, Emilie. Yes, although this story illustrates the links to my familial tribe, I feel very much like you that my fellow astrologers are my tribe of choice…

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  8. Interesting to read an astrologer’s take on the way that rural communities (and the aristocratic rich too) place people within their family heritage, and are so little concerned with their individual personality. Thank you for your insights Anne! I wonder whether this was what Marx had in mind when he wrote of ‘rural idiocy’? Where would be if we hadn’t each made an early bid to escape our rural/island start in life?

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