All Scorpios: look away now!

Having just emerged almost brain dead but triumphant from a serious bout of deadline-itis, I am finding that the remaining braincell is rebelling at my attempts to cudgel some new inspiration therefrom. So, just to reassure my readers that I haven’t resigned from regular blog posting whilst I take a couple of weeks’ break, here is something which should amuse most of you – even the Scorpios.

This is my favourite astrology cartoon. It’s a reminder to us all, astrologers or not, that we should not take ourselves TOO seriously…

Feel free to share your own favourite astro-jokes / cartoons. We all need a laugh these days…

This lugubrious chap clutching a newspaper is staring at his television which is saying: ”The practice of astrology took a major step toward achieving credibility today when, as predicted, everyone born under the sign of Scorpio was run over by an egg truck”.

Now, before any thin-skinned Scorpios leave me annoyed comments, I hasten to add that you are free to assign any sign you like to the above unfortunate fate. I’m a Leo…the egg truck awaits…




200 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2018

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page of Writing from the Twelfth House


6 responses to “All Scorpios: look away now!

  1. Hi Anne

    I have spent the past 30 minutes analysing this joke. I still don’t get it.

    As we of the humanitarian sign of the zodiac are intrigued by new ideas, I suggest my brothers and sisters form a group to discuss our opinions about this joke. We will remain objective at all times and will report our findings in due course.

    Sincerely . . . . . . Page (Sun in Aquarius)


  2. Ah yes, dear Anne! That egg truck seems to be parked and waiting round the curve for most everyone! Following your lead, if we can find humor – and not frustration, Life’s load is much lighter!

    Thanks for the genuine smile you place on my face and in my heart!

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  3. I looked online to see if I could find my favorite astro cartoon. I think it was by Tim Brown in the Mountain Astrologer many years ago. It was entitled “The Moon’s Last Quarter” and showed a picture of the waning Moon standing over a pinball machine, playing a game, as the pinball machine announced: “Game Over. Get A Job!” I guess the fact it was a pinball machine indicates it really was many years ago. I couldn’t find a picture of it online, but it tickled my funny bone–I’m a Moony sort–and it remains my favorite astro cartoon. (Funnier perhaps as an image than a story . . .)
    I probably have it stashed somewhere in my vast tottering collection of ancient Mountain Astrologer issues–as lunar types tend to do with treasure in various corners of their habitations.

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    • Thanks for sharing the joke, Melody. It made me laugh…and yes, I’ve been a fan of TMA’s cartoons also over the years. .. ‘my vast tottering collection of ancient Mountain Astrologer issues…’ And I’m sure other Moony types will relate to this brilliant phrase!


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