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Who’s afraid of the big bad comet….? Answering Mem’s question

“Here in the southern hemisphere we have a comet “Ison” appearing on the horizon at dawn in the constellation Leo… any thoughts about the representation of this comet? Or comets in general appearing?”

Cheers Mem Warren

Comet Halle-Bop

Comet Halle-Bop

Now that Comet ISON is heading for a close encounter with the sun in late November 2013, the Internet is again abuzz with UFO ghost tales, not to mention doomsday theories, mysticism, and miscellaneous strange ideas that go bump in the night.

Comets have inspired dread, fear, and awe in many different cultures and societies around the world and throughout time. They have been branded with such titles as “the Harbinger of Doom and “the Menace of the Universe.”

They have been regarded both as omens of disaster and messengers of the gods. Why is it that comets are some of the most feared and venerated objects in the night sky? Why did so many cultures cringe at the sight of a comet? To find out, click HERE

Then click this link to see wonderful pictures of the current Ison comet streaking through Leo! http://www.space.com/…

And check out this link for a very thorough discussion of every aspect of comets: http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/segwayed/lessons/cometstale/com.html

Now you know!

ps……and I have a very personal memento of the Halle-Bop comet of 1997. At that time we had an artist living next door. He knew I was an astrologer, and loved sky-watching, especially following the lunar cycle. One evening, he appeared at the door with a very special painting – his own version of the Halle-Bop, including the crescent moon – especially for me. He is dead now, but I still cherish that picture. Here it is:

Halle-Bop/Crescent Moon

Halle-Bop/Crescent Moon



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