A challenging question: can we predict the future? And should we?

Read my musings on prediction, including a stunningly accurate one I was given when I neither invited nor wanted such a thing, on this week’s Mountain Astrologer Blog.

Anne W Horoscope

Anne W Horoscope



2 responses to “A challenging question: can we predict the future? And should we?

  1. I read the post on The Mountain Astrologer blog – very well written, despite the fact that I understood almost nothing. The commenters seemed knowledgeable and engaged, too – it seems like a good place for you to be writing from time to time.

    Hope your hand’s doing well. I think I saw an email that you have another post up. I’ll go have a look.


    • Hello Linda

      thanks for dropping by – my hand is slowly improving but I am being very sparing with writing still. I’m only just keeping my blogs ticking over meantime…unlike you, who are more prolific and industrious in dialoguing with your community than I can even begin to imagine! I’ve read and especially loved your latest piece: I don’t know if you’ve noticed that there’s a feed for your site on this site of mine as well.

      Come, now – I’m sure you have some thoughts about prediction….surely you listen to the occasional weather forecast, for instance?


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