Are you feeling the pull of Neptune Retrograde?

I’m feeling extremely Neptunian today, as Neptune settles into its retrograde phase. Very spacy – not like my usual fairly grounded self. It’s a good day for creative writing, and I have a new project into which to sink: the metaphor would have to be watery, wouldn’t it?!

The mystical planet Neptune turned retrograde at 7.5 degrees of its own sign of Pisces yesterday, 9th June at 14.00 GMT, not turning direct again until mid-November. This is a subtle, deep time for all inner, reflective, imaginative, spiritual work. Take up meditation, writing poetry, listening to music: pay more attention than you normally would, to the hidden currents of your inner world, and see what comes to you as the months pass.

In the meantime, here is a beautiful evening image of the sea, Neptune’s realm…

Honouring Neptune

Honouring Neptune

…if you have any feedback to leave, concerning how Neptune’s retrograde turning this week is affecting you or yours, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve just been inspired – once the piece of work this week stimulated by Neptune is done – to go back through my diary for the last three years to research whether  I had as strong a reaction on previous occasions.

Watch this space! I’ll be reporting back.



200 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2014
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

4 responses to “Are you feeling the pull of Neptune Retrograde?

  1. Feeling like everything is a lot slower…almost like swimming again the current but it is very subtle….Also computer/phone acting strange


    • Thanks for this feedback, Joanne! yes, I have felt very similar this week, sleepy, slow and finding it hard to focus. But great for creative inspiration! I’m off out now to hide in a local cafe, drink lots of good coffee to wake me up, and let my imagination run loose on a new piece of Neptune-inspired writing…


  2. There’s been a huge solar flare that’s been affecting communication on earth – perhaps that has been partly responsible for Joanne’s difficulties with the phone and computer. That peaks on Friday.

    I was going to say I’ve noticed nothing at all, but then I realized I had pondered pulling a nearly finished draft about the selling of a boat out of my files and working it up. That’s sort of Neptune-ish!

    As for any slowing down, that’s due to the heat. Everything’s quite focused now, with a good bit of boat work to be done, and quickly. Deadlines loom, and it’s just not possible to push. The spirit’s willing, but the flesh is plump tired, as we like to say here.


    • ‘…I realized I had pondered pulling a nearly finished draft about the selling of a boat out of my files and working it up. That’s sort of Neptune-ish!…’

      Your astrological education is coming on apace, Linda! Soon have you attending my classes….


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