‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’

‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’ is the research study I wrote to complete my three-year Diploma from the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London.

At that time, the Centre’s Director Dr Liz Greene described ‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’ as “…a superb thesis…” I was of course, delighted to have my work described in those terms. However, as life moved on, other projects beckoned.  But I never lost my interest in the Moon’s Nodes…

Many people – myself included – find the Moon’s Nodes fascinating. What you will shortly read is a comprehensive, original piece of research, born from my curiosity and interest over many years. As  fellow writer and astrologer Paul F Newman says in his generous preface to the study:

“… this book is about….  Nodal Returns, Nodal synastries, Nodal ‘trawls’ and Nodal moments.  A knowledge-gathering journey through the lives and charts of the famous and not so famous – yet with the excitement of a personal quest and the inestimable benefit of coming through the pen of a gifted writer.  Herein are facts – not theories – that you can use to enrich your own astrological interpretations and personal understanding of the Moon’s Nodes in Action….”

Please note that the study was written in 1998 and I have chosen not to update it, but simply to present the research as I completed it at the time. Being aware that other astrologers have published their own research since then,  I am happy  to make my small contribution, albeit somewhat retrospectively!

The Nodal Return cycle is 18.6 years. When I wrote the study, the North Node was in the sign of Virgo. I have just realised that it returns there in November 2015, the year my research is finally published in its entirety, eighteen years after I first began to write it in the autumn of 1997…

UPDATE 12.4. 2019:

In the last 3 years, over 5000 people have downloaded a free copy of this book, and I am delighted that they have done so – I’ve also received some wonderful feedback, eg

I want to give you feedback immediately: the value of your book is at least 1 million dollars and I got it for 7 dollars. What a buy and I have been through only 25 pages!’ (Tuomo Henttu, Finland) 

 However, I feel the time has come now to charge a small fee, ie $7.00 per copy.

If you’d like to buy the book, the simplest way is to go into PayPal and send $7.00 directly to my PayPal account which is: contact.anne.w@gmail.com

PayPal will then send me an email notifying me of the payment, whereupon I will send you the book within 24 hours. Thank you!

OR – to my UK Royal Bank of Scotland A/C:

Sort Code: 83 21 05, a/c number 00282322 




500 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015/2019

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

18 responses to “‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’

  1. That’s great! Now you have me researching the moon and its nodes!


  2. Thank you.


  3. I look forward to reading your e-book as I am intensely interested in the nodes. As a student, any information on the nodes ‘stops me short’
    I first read about them years ago – a book by Martin Schulman. I now connect my nodes S in cancer N in Capricorn to minor aspects on my chart also.


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  7. Please add me to the list Anne 😉

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  8. I would love to have a copy of this, if the offer is still available! Thank you!

    I just finished reading The Chthonic 8th House that you mentioned on your FB page. Since I have my North Node there, I found it fascinating and very timely for me personally.


  9. Hello Anne,
    İ would love to be able to read your book on the nodes. İ am realy interested in them. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
    Take care


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