Moving forward today: Jupiter in Leo, master of creative excess!

Jupiter has now gone direct in Leo. I hope to write a longer post about this ere long, but personally the last couple of days have been typical of the power of a planetary station, in this case prior to the planet in question turning direct. 

e-publication by co-occurrence

e-publication by co-occurrence

Jupiter natally falls in my Third house; events have clearly expressed this Mercury/Jupiter vibe! I’ve had book proofs (for The Moon’s Nodes in Action) and a 12500 word politics essay land on my desk for me to read through, complete with short deadlines. On the same day I had a computer meltdown around the issue of accessing wifi and 3G connectivity in my new office. Today, there was  a very creative meeting with a new colleague who I hope will be a research subject in my next book project…..I suspect he has Jupiter strongly marked in his horoscope!

Jupiter is always the planet of excess both positive and negative. I feel oppressed by literary demands! But I’m optimistically sure it will all turn out just fine…

Now, tell me, how was it for you folks out there?

(NOTE: I will let my readers know when the download of  The Moon’s Nodes in Action’, elegantly rendered as an e-book by co-occurrence, is available…likely by the end of April 2015… if you want to pre-order a copy, just send your email address to me, at




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6 responses to “Moving forward today: Jupiter in Leo, master of creative excess!

  1. I have also been feeling this Jupiter expansion. My natal Jupiter is retrograde in the 11th house in Capricorn. Jupiter is now transiting my sixth house, contacting my Pluto/Venus conjunction in Leo. But I also have Neptune transiting my ascendant & moon, the cardinal T-square hitting my Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and a Urania return. It feels like a pinball machine has activated my chart. Whatever it is, it is big, deep, positive and humorous. It’s all I can do to keep up with my notes, research, examining the past, journaling, connecting the dots, thinking outside the box, trying not to lose the box … and also making a living.

    I read a quote by Voltaire this morning: “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” I’ve been chuckling a lot lately. My intentions this morning were to start my workday early, but I just couldn’t get out the door without writing. I thought of the traditional “dog ate my homework excuse” and came up with this: “I have a note/chart from my astrologer … Pisces was rising with Neptune in the 1st house, Uranus exactly conjunct Mercury in Aries, Sagittarius on the MC, Jupiter in the 6th … she just had to journal. “

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    • Helen, I love the way you write, and your enthusiasm! Part of my transiting Jupiter in Leo pattern is having lots of family to stay on top of everything else : so managing all the current Third house activity on several fronts is keeping me away from my blogs/Facebook Pages at present. Love the Voltaire quote….


      • Thanks, Anne, discovering your blog has inspired me to start writing again, and to quote Flannery O’Connor, “I write to discover what I know.”

        I work for a greeting card company and this past week of the Jupiter station has seen my workload quadruple with the season change from Easter to Mother’s Day. With all the Neptune in Pisces energy I’ve been experiencing symbol overload from all the card sentiments and song lyrics playing in the stores … but I will eventually be able to process all my notes.

        I have a question for you. Does the intensity of a Jupiter station also apply to a progressed chart? I looked at the ephemeris and saw that my natal retrograde Jupiter is about to go direct.

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      • What an interesting question, Helen! Although I have used secondary progressions for a long time, I don’t have too much experience of observing the effects of progressed stations. However, with progressions one can certainly usually perceive the impact of eg the progressed inner planets shifting signs, crossing natal angles and contacting natal planets. This is also true when progressed MC and/or ASc change signs, although the accuracy of these is crucially dependent on a very accurate birth time. I have certainly seen some instances of progressed stations manifesting strongly in students’ or clients’ lives – much depends on the natal chart, of course. But transiting stations certainly have a powerful impact, especially in movement from retrograde to direct ( as we are just experiencing with Jupiter) so I would expect the same to be true of progressed stations also. Make notes! Be a research guinea pig!


  2. Thanks, Anne … that gives me enough to go on. It should be an interesting research topic. Just picture a guinea pig typing away on her Gateway computer, taking notes … lots of notes. I’ve got several large 3-ring binders and I’m not afraid to fill them. I like to have hard copies of what I write … you never what the computer will do with your work!

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