Read Alison Gunn’s excellent analysis of the ghastly events in Paris on Friday 13th November…

If you have not yet come upon Alison Gunn, PhD.’s wonderful site Beyond The Stars Astrology and Tarot, now is your chance to discover her work as we all reflect on the truly awful events which have taken place in Paris in the last two days. 

“……There are times when drawing up a mundane chart, a chart that shows the specific time of a political (or world) event, can be very helpful for astrologers, particularly when one is making an effort to try to understand the underlying forces or causes of an event.Mundane charts have been erected for thousands of years, and are one of the oldest expressions of astrological inquiry.

Paris terror attacks 13.11.15

Paris terror attacks 13.11.15

There are many pieces of relevant information in the mundane chart relating to the IS terrorist attacks in Paris two nights ago….. “

To read the rest of Alison’s clear and forthright analysis, click  HERE



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