Which House system – Placidus, Equal…or what?

“…Sooner or later, it dawns on the student or budding astrologer that the method of dividing the space in a horoscope into 12 sectors or spheres of life, known as houses, poses some problems.

Firstly, since there are a number of different house systems, which should you choose?…”

I’m pleased to say that the Mountain Astrologer blog has just published my thoughts on this topic. Do drop by and have a read…

Astrological Houses

Astrological Houses




100 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

4 responses to “Which House system – Placidus, Equal…or what?

  1. Thanks for sharing this cornucopia of information about house systems, and congratulations on its publication in The Mountain Astrologer!


  2. This is great, Anne. It is one of *those* questions, so I look forward to delving into your article. I did take a quick peek to save the article for my offline reading, and laughed (in a nice way) at the “6 planets in the 12th house” comment. I’ve said the same thing re Astro … “I’ll take all the help I can get.” 🙂 Now, on to enjoying that article …


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