Saturn/Neptune and the Winter Solstice: wisdom from ‘Sophia’s Children’

It’s moving to see in how many ways the archetype of Descent and Waiting is celebrated across cultures and faiths as the Winter Solstice draws us in towards its dark, nourishing embrace. Jamie, over at one of my favourite blogs “Sophia’s Children” has just published a soul-nourishing post, in which she points out that ‘…aligning with the Spirit of this time and season is in our cells, bones, and DNA … the ancestors remember and whisper to us…’


Winter Solstice: Capricorn

Jamie says:

“…since we now have the Saturn-Neptune Square as a key archetypal-energy ‘headliner’ for the coming year, let’s remember Caroline Casey‘s perspective of Saturn‘s archetype encouraging us to “be the authors of our own lives,” reclaiming our authentic vision (Neptune) and our author-ity (Saturn), and establishing healthy boundaries where they might have been a bit squishy and power-draining … or softening boundaries that are calcified and overly rigid (Saturn and Neptune).

To read more of this wise and comforting post, click HERE



200 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Jamie S. Walters  2015

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


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