Some thoughts on retro Mars, Saturn – and Muhammad Ali

Well, folks, transiting Mars is retrograding over my Scorpio IC/South Node, transiting Saturn retro squares my Ascendant/Descendant whilst transiting Neptune hovers there. Jupiter in Virgo transiting the First House, opposing one of these and squaring the other,  is persecuting me with billowings of detail and admin which I can’t be bothered doing…I have a series of posts on the Nodes lined up, waiting to be edited, but can’t seem to get around to it.


In short, I am being incredibly, uncharacteristically, lackadaisical. 

Anyone else out there feeling like this? Don’t all of you rush to tell me at once. On second thoughts, my  guess is, you can’t be bothered. But never mind…Mars goes direct at the end of June, catching up with himself by 22nd August 2016. Saturn goes direct on 13th August, catching up with where HE left off by 20th November 2016. That interminable Saturn/Neptune square will make its last exact point on 10th September 2016 and start to wane thereafter.

So, by December 2016 we should all be demons of frantically focused forward motion. Or maybe we will all wait until the New Year…

Anyway, I thought I’d keep you informed and entertained by a fellow astrologer who, if  affected by the above, is not in nearly as bad a state as I am! On the day of Muhammad Ali’s passing last week, I asked my husband, who is not an astrologer, what he thought was The Greatest’s Ascendant.

“Leo – absolutely!” he replied. How right he was.

Here, whilst I get around to eventually regaining my bearings ( by next week, hopefully!)  is Christina at The Oxford Astrologer‘s fine analysis of the incomparable Ali’s horoscope. I’m sure you will enjoy and appreciate it.

Muhammad Ali: Leo Rising



300 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2016
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


10 responses to “Some thoughts on retro Mars, Saturn – and Muhammad Ali

  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.


    • Thanks, Grandtrines! Is the current miasma affecting you?

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      • Grandtrines

        I have not seen the term “miasma” used in reference to astrology (are you referring to the current grand cross (mutable grand cross)?). I am wrestling with some significant “issues,” but they are longer term in nature. So, I am actually uncertain of the answer. (But I suppose a T-Square of Jupiter / Saturn / Neptune in mutable signs might produce precisely “long term issues” in which the answer is “unclear.”)


      • ‘miasma’ is a word which means unpleasant fug or noxious fumes pervading the atmosphere, and I am using it to loosely evoke the general feel of Saturn/Neptune combined with retro Mars…

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      • Grandtrines

        I had researched the word prior to my reply; I thought you were referring to a specific (and established) astrological term. Maybe you have coined (or are coining) a new term. I could see an argument for a combination of other planets into Saturn/Neptune hard aspects (and others such as quincunx) being called a “miasma.” Hmm. Myself, I am at a point where I am looking at long term issues and am at a turning point regarding which direction to go with my life. (They seem to happen every few years.)


      • Well, this topic merits a lengthy conversation…

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  2. Yes, some influence here too… both Mars and Saturn are retro in my 12th house, Saturn close to NSun, Jupiter (and soon Neptune) squaring NSun, Mars passed NMercury in Scorpio, Uranus moving on my IC. Lots of work, impossible to get it all done, I find it very hard to focus. (And NMercury, normally smoothed out by his sextile to Venus, gets pretty blunt these days.) But somewhere out there is the (hidden) value of this time quality…


  3. Love/hate relationship between Aries Mars and Patience, I’d guess…


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