Some thoughts on a possible second Scottish Referendum…an astrologer’s eye view

Scotland voted to stay in Europe by a substantial majority on Thursday 23rd June 2016, just as the UK as a whole voted to leave the European Union.

Scotland’s horoscope has very accurately been speaking of an inexorable momentum towards independence from the time Scotland got her own parliament on 6th May 1999. To read my analysis of our country’s horoscope, click HERE. The chart below (click to enlarge) shows in red where the transiting planets, Chiron and Moon’s Nodes were on referendum day, 18.9.14. The progressions are in green.

That 18.9.14 referendum, from a high turnout of 84%, produced a decisive 55% Yes vote in favour of Scotland remaining part of the UK, 45% No to Scotland separating from the UK– but the clamour for independence has not abated. And SNP party membership has rocketed in the two years since it was held.

However, as we know from the momentous news of 24.6.16, the UK as a whole is heading for the exit door in our relationship with Europe, and our nation is in turmoil, with both Labour and Tory parties in Westminster in utter disarray, and Scots, lead by the embodiment of Eris, the Battle Goddess, Nicola Sturgeon, contemplating yet another possible referendum.

Will this happen? And will we become independent? Below are just a few sketchy notes I made in the last couple of days, which have been getting a lot of attention on this blog’s Facebook Page. I thought I’d share them here. The horoscope below shows where the planets and progressions were in 18.9.14.

Scotland's Horoscope 18.9.14

Scotland’s Horoscope 18.9.14

But times have moved on, and the planets with them. Eris, the Goddess of Strife, currently at 23.5 degrees of Aries, is within 2° of Scotland’s natal Mars in 25 Aries in the Tenth House. Uranus crosses that Mars in May 2017, November 2017, and February/early March 2018. Are we looking at another Scottish Independence referendum between then and March 2018? I would not be surprised, given the current mood in Scotland … Even people who were against independence the first time round, are talking about changing their minds…

Note that Uranus will also be squaring Scotland’s 12th House Saturn in Cancer, the sign of home and belonging, during the next couple of years – a further indication of disruption and posssible separation – whilst Pluto is sitting currently in its most fated of places, the Moon’s North Node. ( c/f my research findings in ‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’, downloadable for free from the left sidebar of this blog. Read the last chapter for what I have to say on Pluto combined with the Moon’s Nodes)

Whatever happens between May 2017 and March or April 2018, Mars in Aries in Scotland ‘s 10th house with the revolutionary, groundbreaking, defiant planet Uranus going over it, would seem to indicate radical change of one kind or another. However the action of planet Uranus is also volatile and unpredictable … so seatbelt fastening, once again, would appear to be in order. Watch this space!


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16 responses to “Some thoughts on a possible second Scottish Referendum…an astrologer’s eye view

  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    I think 2017 / 2019 will be a rather interesting period also.


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    excellent analysis


  3. Many thanks for the Reblog, Debra. btw, I Follow your blog, but don’t seem to get your posts by email…..I’ll add you to my RSS feeds and that way they will come through to my blog!


  4. 28.6.16 Claudia Dikinis via Facebook:

    Thank you Anne! I’ve been pouring over horoscopes since the run up to the Brexit vote and have been glued to BBC and France24 news channels. Comparisons to the USA’s horoscope reveals in stark relief how deeply connected we on this side of the pond are to everything that takes place on your side. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Scotland and Northern Ireland as well hold a referendum on breaking away from the UK. My take on Brexit is that a) the lords have been lying to themselves, each other and the people; and b) the vote itself was a kind of suicide. It’s a similar feeling to what I have when I think of Americans supporting Donald Trump. It’s a death wish; a horror and throwback to 1939.


  5. Many thanks for this, Claudia! I agree with you about the interconnectedness of all this turmoil and disorder. What we are seeing in the very big picture, I feel, is the crumbling of the West’s hegemony, the slow inexorable end of a certain kind of Empire. Lines from the last verse of Dylan Thomas’ “Deaths and Entrances” come to mind here in response to your last sentence:
    ” …On almost the incendiary eve
    Of deaths and entrances,…”

    I think, and hope, that we are in a time not only of the dying of the old political order, but also an entrance to a new, different interconnected world order – which may even be an improvement on the one which is on the way out! Let us hope so. All empires throughout history have collapsed in violence and turmoil. And Pluto grinding his slow, purgative way through Capricorn is a major agent of all this slow institutional death we are seeing in USA, the UK and Europe.

    We have to be patient, optimistic in the face of it all, I think. Each of us as individuals can, and should, find our own small way of offering up some light in what feels like a very dark time across the world…


  6. 28.6.16 :Maureen LoCascio via Facebook

    Either way, there is some form of separation and change coming in Scotland’s future. You may get to decide whether it’s from the UK or the EU.


  7. Yes indeed, we may, Maureen. Check out my response to Claudia’s comment above for my view on what I think is going on in the much bigger picture.


  8. 28.6.16 :Margo Cline via Facebook

    It would not surprise me at all if Scotland voted for independence in a second vote. It surprised me that it didn’t in the first vote.


  9. Well, Margo, there were very sound economic reasons in the view of the 55% who voted to stay in the UK the first time around..

    But the UK referendum result, and the current total disarray of the people who are supposed to be governing us in the UK, is having a profound effect on public opinion in Scotland now. Do have a look at my response to Claudia’s comment above for my view on what I think is happening in the much bigger picture…


  10. i’ve read this a couple of times, but dallied about responding, and now world circumstances have changed things in this country, I suspect. When the Benghazi report came out today, it was seized upon as an exoneration of Mrs. Clinton vis-a-vis those events. But, almost immediately, the bombing in Istanbul completely overshadowed that. It is a chaotic time, for sure. There simply is no predicting what will come tomorrow, or the day after.

    I suspect that, right now, many of the pronouncements are meant to serve as incantations: ritual language used to allay fears. And honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. People need to make themselves break away from it all from time to time, or go crazy with the watching. It may be that planting a flower or listening to music may be the best thing we can do for ourselves as events run their course.

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  12. As a foremost Scottish astrologer any further insights into the Independence situation now?


    • I am no Mundane specialist, Hugh! The Scottish astrologer from whom you want to ask that question is Mark Cullen. I haven’t as yet had much time to really reflect on this question astrologically… But Scotland’s horoscope certainly shows there is more turmoil to come over the next couple of years.


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