The lunar eclipse in Pisces – how is your lunar eclipse day, so far?

How is your day so far, as the lunar eclipse’s power builds? I have had a very strange day: didn’t sleep too well, feeling scratchy, raw, went into city centre to drift around some shops, could not settle, feeling alternately drifty and unfocused then surging with the need to DO something useful. Eventually got into my office. Various bitty irritations awaited me. Suddenly felt sleepy. Got myself by the ear. Wrote a post. That’s better…

The Virgo/Pisces eclipse season began in mid-September 2015 with a partial solar eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo. It concludes at the end of February 2017, including four attendant lunar eclipses, with the last of four solar eclipses taking place at 8 degrees Pisces. Today, on Friday 16th September, 19.55 BST,  at 24 degrees 20 minutes Pisces, there is a lunar eclipse following on from the solar eclipse which occurred at 9 degrees 21 minutes of Virgo on 1st September 2106, 10.08 BST.


lunar-eclipse-16-9-16 (click to enlarge) 

Excitement is already mounting, since eclipses tend to produce “power surges” and crises of various kinds in our collective life. One striking lunar eclipse-related  example this week is of Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s much-publicised falling ill and staggering into her car, helped by aides, as she left the 9/11 commemoration early, suffering from pneumonia.

 Although she appears to have bounced back quickly, appearing in public again on Thursday looking cheerful and well, nevertheless this episode has not helped her presidential campaign against Donald Trump, who is running neck and neck with her in the polls at present.

And what of their impact on our personal lives? How does that work? What should we expect from the September 2015 – February 2017 season of eclipses?

Research Revelations

My major objective in conducting research into The Moon’s Nodes in Action – ebook published in 2015 – was to put actual flesh on the bones of all the theoretical stuff I had been reading about the Moon’s Nodes and eclipses over a period of many years. I wanted to find out whether the theory stood up in practice, arriving at my research conclusions via detailed study of  six people’s lives.

Three of the participants were ‘ordinary’ citizens: Marc, Andrew and Anna, and three were famous: Mary Shelley in relation to  her authorship of  Frankenstein on her first Nodal Return; Princess Diana of the UK and her untimely death on her second Nodal Return; and astronaut John Glenn’s return to space, in his 70s, two whole Nodal Returns after his first space trip.

Honouring the Sun/Moon link I chose three women and three men – viewed from planet Earth at solar eclipse times, the Sun and Moon are of equal size and complementary symbolic significance…

Drawing together all the research threads by way of conclusion, I had this to say about eclipses:

I’m quite clear now, as the Nodal axis regresses through the chart, identifying via the highlighted houses the overall territory up for change, that the transiting eclipses function as “battery chargers”, gradually building up the energies of the person’s life in preparation to receive major change.

An image comes to mind here from the female menstrual cycle, of the egg gradually being primed and prepared until it is at its maximum point of readiness to receive the male sperm, conceive and begin new life. I think the eclipses begin their work of charging-up as soon as the relevant eclipse season begins, which may be as long as eighteen months before the turning point in the person’s life appears. (i)

General points to observe

Individual eclipses are important, and can be viewed as progressive stages of an unfolding process. However, my research and subsequent astrology practice as well as personal observation has demonstrated that one should take note of the whole eclipse season of eighteen months, applying this to whatever pair of houses the Moon’s Nodes and eclipses (both solar and lunar) are moving through by retrograde motion. You should also take careful note of those planets/Angles/asteroids (if you use them) which are being triggered.

It is also very valuable, in gaining perspective, to go back to the previous eclipse season nineteen years previously, to reflect on the changes brought then and how they may connect to what is coming up this time around.

The more planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and especially Pluto are involved in the eclipse dance, the more life-changing are the outcomes likely to be. As Alexander Ruperti wisely observed in his wonderful Cycles of Becoming:

“Eclipses simply measure intense confrontations with all those things in human nature which hinder spiritual progress by keeping one in a rut, albeit a comfortable and happy rut. They are opportunities to use the past and the present – all that one has previously acquired, as well as where he stands at a given moment – in order to build a more creative future. Since they always challenge an individual to discard all limiting influences and to start something new, they may be stressful times.”(ii)

As always, I am interested in your feedback from YOUR experiences. How is your eclipse day going? What changes have there been in your lives since mid-September 2015?

lunar eclipses

lunar eclipses



(i) The Moon’s Nodes in Action by Anne Whitaker (Writing from the 12th House e-publication 2015) p 120

(ii) Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti,CRCS 2005, quoted in The Moon’s Nodes in Action, p 7


I am offering this research study, featured in 2015 on, as a FREE download to any student or teacher of astrology who is interested in learning more about a fascinating topic.

Download The Moon’s Nodes in Action now [3.27 MB PDF]

e-publication by co-occurrence

e-publication by co-occurrence


850 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2016
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


28 responses to “The lunar eclipse in Pisces – how is your lunar eclipse day, so far?

  1. 16.9.16: via Facebook:

    Sandra Dziedziula so far, DULL. just reading and now on fb. planning to take a walk and then watch some TCM. LOL


  2. Good stuff Sandra! All feedback welcome. Has it been dull since last Sept 2015 when Virgo/Pisces eclipse season started?


  3. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Sandra Dziedziula:
    Well I moved in March so that was a hectic insane month and I was in Canada for almost a week so not really.


  4. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Margo Cline:
    I have witnessed several friends deal with serious health issues, including mental problems since the Virgo/Pisces Eclipse season began. Today I am feeling sleepy after awaking in the middle of the night last night with a full batch of energy. Yesterday seemed low-key but today seems very drifty and difficult to focus.


  5. Yes, me too re the whole season so far, Margo. And three deaths, both my own family and in-laws.


  6. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Annette Deal It’s been a good day so far. Very little anxiety compared to other full moon cycles..whew!


  7. Good to hear, Annette!


  8. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Ann Long: I have been out of wack all day very anxious and even had a very traumatic moment this morning. Now I hurt my back. Today is not a good day for me


  9. Seems pretty typical of many of us, Ann.


  10. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Elke Hutton:
    My husband’s phone phoned me, but he was sleeping! Go figure!


  11. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Leslie Hoffman:
    Unsettling weird dream.😱


  12. 16.9.16: via Facebook:
    Kathryn Gillanders:
    I fell, knocked myself out and injured my back! 😫


  13. Arnica and gin, Kathryn! But not in the same glass…


  14. This morning was easy as I had something definite to do, but for the rest of the day I couldn’t decide and was waiting for a phone call, so I messed about until I suddenly decided I must do something on my list, so I exercised for half a hour at 4.55 and felt better. My phone call finally came at about 6.30.


  15. I hope I am on the right place. My day/days have been very hectic with today as no exception. I have downloaded you node book but quite a ways to go in it. In addition to nodal action Uranus is still very near MC in 10th w/n 3 Deg. after transiting MC @ 20-28 Aries. the 1 Sep eclipse in 2nd with n node sandwiched by sun & Mercury. Learned Thursday a week ago I have another intestinal hernia. I suspect through miscommunication this should have been taken care of last July when I had surgery for 3 herias. Dr. from out of town and ill so haven’t been able to learn more. He didn’t send an operational report to my local dr. Since 22 Dec. 2015 I have had more hospital visits and surgeries than in the previous 50 years. I am unaccustomed to being the patient. Usually the caretaker. I am also having Tr. neptune Opp natal Neptune. I am trying to relax, listen and go with what seems best even if it is to do nothing. Asteroids of major interest to me and Vesta nearing a conjunction with natal Pluto in 12th conj. Lillith at 22 Cancer 46 wide sq to ascendant & Lillith 22-13 Cancer. I was curious about a Color Chart at Astrodienst and learned according to that Vesta given most weight in that. Surprised at that. There has been more but that is enough for now. Nancy Willlis

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks for this detailed and illuminating feedback, Nancy! Sorry to hear that you have been having all those health problems.

      ” I am trying to relax, listen and go with what seems best even if it is to do nothing…” You have given yourself very good advice here! I do hope things gradually improve and many thanks for dropping by and participating, as well as for your ongoing interest in my various ventures.


  16. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.


  17. 17.9.16
    via Facebook:
    Silke Bigg:
    So much is written about the day/hr of the eclipse, Anne, that your article based on your research, raises the oft-overlooked nodal cycle. Your question inspires us to get charts & ephemerides out to revisit how eclipses work to elevate lives one way or another. I like the way you write, Anne. And raising the important issue of nodal cycles is timely & refreshing. ⭐️


  18. Many thanks for your affirming words, Silke. Some reflection on the unfolding pattern of our lives through those great cycles can provide considerable guidance which looking at the patterns of the immediate present, interesting though they are especially at the eclipse points, can not.


  19. 18.9.16
    via Facebook:
    Silke Bigg:
    Okaaay, so I went back & had a look-see at what life looked like for me at the last cycle….in view of your question, Anne, what a nuanced connection I discovered. Not so much neon-lit outward event time, but more a mirror between now & then what was/is going on in my head. 😯 But reflection is more like a delicate dance sequence from one place to another. Connections?!! You bet.
    Now, if only I could figure out the horary to where my necklace is!😰 why didn’t I realize I timed it for the eclipse time with Mo on Asc?? Answering one’s own questions is difficult enough. Help! Good job this is posted to astrologers, right? 🙂


  20. Glad to see you have gone away and done your homework with useful results, Silke!


  21. There are a number of other comments on the Facebook Page promoting this post – check them out HERE


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