Exploring Jupiter/Uranus, Take Two: shades of the future…

I’m continuing to pay tribute to that set of great zodiacal disrupters, Jupiter and Uranus, as the current opposition during 2017 forms a T-square with Pluto, dark lord of the Underworld – challenging us both collectively and in our personal lives with mayhem and disturbance on a grand scale. 

Disruption, disruption, disruption...

Disruption, disruption, disruption…

To read the first of my series of three posts on Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, click HERE to follow this uniquely challenging conjunction through its 3,000 years’ travel through the four elements – AND obtain a free download of my research studies on the 1997/8 and 2010/11 conjunctions, “Jupiter Meets Uranus”.

Take Two: the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius

In “Jupiter Meets Uranus” I made a strong case for the conjunction in Aquarius being “the one most powerfully connected to particularly radical and disruptive social, political and technological shifts”.(pp 47-52) I then returned to examining the Big Picture from 500 BCE to 2500 CE for a second time, creating a table on this occasion which revealed the number of these Aquarian conjunctions throughout each 500 year block. My results were very, very interesting.

The time block which had the most Aquarian conjunctions, ie 7, was 1500 – 2000 CE:  “the most innovative, expansive, technologically sophisticated and disruptive in human history!” (p.37)

The runner-up for the most conjunctions in Aquarius was 0–500 CE, with 6. This time roughly spans the period of the rise, dominance and fall of another highly sophisticated technological civilisation already mentioned: the Roman Empire.

And the 500 years with the fewest Aquarian conjunctions? There was only one Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius from 1000 to 1499 CE, roughly spanning the time known as the Dark Ages in Europe, which included the Black Death which wiped out a third of the population in the fourteenth century.

Perhaps rather worryingly, in the three millennia I surveyed the only other period with one Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius lies ahead – between 2000 and 2500 CE at 2 degrees Aquarius in 2080. This is the last of these Aquarian conjunctions for another 677 years.

What will this mean? Well, it is so far into the future that any speculation of more than a very general nature is probably foolhardy – and likely to be wrong. We could be pessimistic, looking at the other period in 3,000 years with only one conjunction ie 1000-1499 CE and becoming very gloomy indeed regarding our prospects for long-term survival.

On the other hand, this could indicate an era in which, having pushed the potential of technological innovation to its limits, we are gradually returning to a simpler, less technologically driven way of inhabiting our planet: a time in which we are more respectful of the essential inter-connectedness of all life forms, and more aware of  our role as stewards rather than exploiters, of our precious Mother Earth.

What do YOU think?





500 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2017

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page



2 responses to “Exploring Jupiter/Uranus, Take Two: shades of the future…

  1. I think the wealthiest will fly off from this planet and colonise Mars and/or live underground in the huge network of underground tunnels that have been made around the world, for that purpose if living conditions on the surface get catastrophic. Already half of the the World’s population don’t have access to fresh drinking water, and with the glacial melts of the Himalayas, there will no longer be replenishment for the major rivers in Asia, that supply water and irrigation to most of Asia’s population. We will continue to improve our nano-technologies primarily for medicinal purposes, as lots of funding goes to medicine, yet the majority won’t be able to afford it, and we will find the cure for cancer ( it will come from natural plant sources, and some have already been found and are not been used), yet won’t use it, as the pharmaceutical companies and AMA won’t endorse it, cause they’ll lose money, and Monsato will drive nations further into food and financial debt, as seed stock diminishes in quality. The divide between the haves and have nots will continue to widen, as technology and robots take over jobs, and manufacturing goes to the most vulnerable third world nation, which can be exploited the most by the first world. And, then things will crumble, as resources run out, and people fight for basic existence, and as the grey aliens flee our world with our dna and the wealthiest contributors of global warming and the class wars start a new colony on Mars, we will regress to a a more agrarian and barter type culture, as people will either learn to share, or will eat or kill each other in order to survive. But, maybe the World will end soon, with the predicted October World War 111, as Nuclear annihilation looks most probable if the megalomaniacs( The USA, Russia, China and North Korea) want to sport their ego muscle, and maybe this is the way in which Gaia can start afresh and enter the next dimension of her consciousness! And, souls will be transported to World’s and dimensions akin to their level of development, and consciousness and life and consciousness will go on, forever growing and evolving, moving closer and closer back to source! Or, maybe there will be a collective awakening, and people will see the truth as it is, without dogma, rhetoric and lies, and together we will create a better future for the planet, ourselves and all life here! 🙂

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