Revisiting the Twelfth House…

Every so often, being a fully paid-up 12th House person, I have to take time out to re-charge my blogging batteries. So – I’ll be having a pause on my blog for a couple of weeks. However, to keep things ticking over meantime, and to keep you, my lovely readers, happy, I ‘ve decided to share a couple of my articles, with kind permission of  The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, where they have appeared in recent times.

The 12th House

The 12th House

The first one, rather appropriately, is on that most mysterious, elusive and oft-misunderstood and misrepresented place in space, the Twelfth House. I’ve called it ‘…an optimist’s take on Self -Undoing…’. You will shortly see why!

Enjoy the read by clicking on the link below (which resolutely refuses my attempts to colour it blue!!) – and do share your thoughts and experiences if you feel like doing so.

Contemplating the 12th House

150 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2017
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page



18 responses to “Revisiting the Twelfth House…

  1. The link was blue, but the same thing happens to me a lot…

    I often wonder just where in the world I go in my dreams, who are those people, and what are those places – ah, it’s just a visit to the 12th house… thank you!

    One of these years I’ll return to my homeland long enough to retrieve the details of my birth date… from this article it seems i have many of those 12-th house traits….\\

    Enjoy your quiet time, so very important as you explained in the article.


  2. Hi Lisa – I’m still seeing that link as black – oh well, as the saying goes…
    Glad you found something personally illuminating from the article. I have many planets in the 12th House, as you will have seen…so it would appear, have you. Having followed your writing and your artwork, that does not surprise me: the 12th house is the creative matrix from which all art forms take shape.


  3. I will be sharing this post, but I just wanted to comment that I recently had someone not enjoy, shall we say, my somewhat ‘darker’ take on Pisces NN in the 12th. I think prior generations have been raised on a kind of (forgive me) spiritual pablum, telling them that *all* Pisces people (and therefore all 12th house placements) are inherently spiritual. I had to remind the person that until the spiritual movement of approximately, what, one hundred years ago, Pisces was seen as a malefic sign, the 12th house the worst house in the natal chart! Although this house has been revisioned, I still believe the modern attempt to ‘clean it up,’ so to speak, was based on hope, rather that quotidian reality…. just an opinion. 😉 Take care of yourself. I saw your pictures from London… so glad you were not pulled into that horror.


  4. Hi Alison,

    thank you for your care and concern re our being near that horrific event in London.
    I think when you read my 12th House essay, you will see that without in any way denying the undoubted difficulty of learning to live with the challenges of this house, I have offered a ‘take’ on it which I think is original and which draws on insights from the quantum world. This dawning understanding certainly helped ME, as I grew to realise what was the optimum way to live with 12th House planets based on my own very tough but very enriching ( in the end! ) Neptunian ‘dark night of the soul’ experience some years ago. Thanks for being willing to share the post!


  5. Via Facebook:
    Rena Hdesign:
    Thank you for revisiting this article – just read it very carefully and my favorite line (of the moment) is “We are special, and we are not.” What I find most valuable is the balance you’ve found within your experience. Many writings on the 12th house seem to veer into self-descriptors such as “elite spiritualists” or “the downtrodden”, etc. After tripping along many of those paths over the years, your words reinforce my own commitment to embrace/practice what makes me distinct as an individual and to further appreciate/celebrate the distinctions that make each soul I meet special and not special!


  6. Hi Rena I very much appreciate your feedback since it points to the balance I was trying to strike in this article in order to offer 12th House people something USEFUL and encouraging to work with in their everyday lives. Acceptance of who we are – and as you can infer from the article I did not find that easy – frees us to direct our energies more creatively and more realistically…


  7. Via Facebook:
    Dena Moskowitz:
    Reading this ad Jupiter transits my 12th. A beneficial read!


  8. That is what I was aiming for when I wrote it! Thank you.


  9. Via Facebook:
    David Tanner:
    I have Neptune in 12th conjunction my ascendant.I am an empath and at 1pm on a sunny Saturday I am reclining on my bed with my iPad,thinking I need to meditate and go out for a walk in nature but feeling so lazy. That stellium in the 12th in your chart is something else and your article is very interesting.


  10. Many thanks, David. The good news is I am still here, and have enjoyed a productive and positive life despite all that 12th house stuff.


  11. Via Facebook:
    Ilse Nijssen:
    Great article Anne, thank you 🙏


  12. So glad you enjoyed it, Ilse!


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