The Cycles of Saturn: Growing up time!

Today’s Neptune turned newly retrograde in Pisces, conjunct the Moon as I write, has brought an interesting wave of returns:  lovely feedback for my writing, some money due, an old favourite track “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” playing real good, loud and free in Kelvingrove Park, and my return to a favourite lunch haunt being livened by a gaggle of very drunk, very loud, very happy young women.

And here, with kind permission of  The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, is another recent article of mine – stepping aside from that Neptune wave: my exploration of those vital formative cycles of that planet who rewards honest self-examination and patient, realistic effort over time. A slow burner, but a giver of rewards truly worth having…



Cycles of Saturn: forging the Diamond Soul

As ever, your comments, observations and shared experiences are valuable – and welcome!

150 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2017
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

10 responses to “The Cycles of Saturn: Growing up time!

  1. It’s well my bedtime, but I am so pleased I got absorbed in your Cycles of Saturn article – very thought provoking, and valuable even for someone who has no idea about the astrological details. To my dear friend, well into the third cycle of Saturn; and me too. Jane xx


  2. Well, what a lovely surprise, Jane. Truly honoured to have distracted you from your bedtime…a significant achievement for anyone to manage that one with me also, these days!…and glad that you as a non-astrologer also find the insights offered by those cycles valuable. Everyone would benefit, I feel, from taking on board the wise advice of the Saturn cycles.Anne xx


  3. Via Facebook:
    Rena Hdesign:
    Interesting how the archetypes present themselves periodically – Saturn has been turning up so often lately and captured my attention. Love the Diamond Soul image – a square turned onto its point becomes dynamic according to Sacred Geometry! Insightful article giving much to contemplate – thank you Anne:)


  4. Many thanks, Rena! Yes, I love that image too, and it has sustained me during many a hard time …


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