Mars opposes Pluto: feeling the burn…

Well, are you feeling it? I certainly am. 

My 10th House Mars return took place just after Mars entered Cancer on 5th June 2017, a few days after the most recent terrorist atrocity in London on 3rd June, and not long before the appalling fire disaster at Grenfell Tower in London on 14th June 2017. As I write, Mercury at 18 degrees Cancer  is exactly opposite Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn. Mars opposes Pluto on Sunday 2nd July 2017.

I don’t know about you, but as I contemplate the UK’s Moon at 19 degrees of Cancer in the nation’s 10th House about to be exactly opposed by transiting Pluto through the UK’s 4th house, I am anticipating more burning, of a literal or a metaphorical kind, not just in the UK or the USA, but in other parts of the world. The Mars/Pluto combination is not called the War Monger for nothing…

A mood of public anger has been very evident in the UK recently and is growing, as Mercury, Mars and lastly the Sun travel through Cancer, amplified by Jupiter squaring them all in the middle degrees of Libra – and by the upcoming full moon on 9th July 2017 at 17 degrees Capricorn. Anger re our recent shambolic general election, terrorist attacks, and that terrible fire disaster, are the most recent flashpoints for UK citizens’ rage.

Crumbling institutions’ incapacity to meet the needs of the communities they are supposed to be serving is not just a local but a worldwide problem. How must many of our USA friends be feeling, for example, regarding the prospect of having their healthcare removed? Just have a look at Facebook and Twitter and you will find out.

I have been sharing in this public mood: not normally given to ranting about the state of the world in general or our national politics in particular, in recent days I have been doing just that. No doubt having been in London on the weekend of the most recent terror attack there has helped to wind up my anger.

But the other morning’s local news tipped me over into taking that anger onto Facebook, something I do not usually do. Some of you will know of our local successful Children’s Wood’s campaign –with international support, thanks! – to keep developers off one of the last bits of wild land in the city, well used by all sectors of our community including 22 local schools. That morning I found out that a local well-loved and well-used Scout Hall in Kelvindale near where we live is to be cleared at the end of the summer, along with tree-rich land next to it, to make way for developers.The community is fighting this. Good for them!!



photo: Anne Whitaker

Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn from 2008-2024, aided by revolutionary Uranus in hot-tempered Aries,  is slowly doing its work of battering on the doors of all established structures and taking them down.  No wonder we are all feeling insecure, battered and bruised by the turmoil and disruption going on – which has hit so many of our fellow citizens across the world so brutally and with so much destruction.

As our sclerotic, archaic institutions are increasingly unable to cope with the modern world in which we are actually living, community power is becoming the way forward in so many areas of contemporary life.

In this, I have been getting a strong flavour of the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, due to take place in 2020 at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Pluto heads into that community-oriented sign by 2024.The upcoming generations are busy laying the foundations for a new world order, centred on our world community thanks to the rise and dominance of the Internet.

Pluto was last in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778, the time when the foundations of a world-wide economy predicated upon material exploitation of the planet’s natural resources including many of its people, were laid. That era’s days, the days of Big Oil etc, are numbered….Let’s hope that what replaces it is an era of fairer sharing of the Earth’s increasingly diminishing resources, more international co-operation…and less bloodshed.

In the meantime, back to our  currently especially energised, turbulent, stroppy, anger-charged personal lives. ( I’ve been having a trawl round comments on Facebook in recent days. This energy field has been burning up lots of us in various challenging ways.) Wherever in your horoscope Mercury, then Mars opposes Pluto at present and in the upcoming week, that pair of houses is where you will be ‘feeling the burn’.

Here is a live example: a friend of mine is making a train journey of several hours’ duration to come and visit us here in Glasgow. As I am writing this post, with Mercury exactly opposite Pluto today, she has just texted to say her train has been cancelled, and there is no word as yet re exactly how she and her fellow passengers are supposed to get here.

Do let me know how it goes with you – and try to channel that energy and anger as best you can in the week ahead.

850 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2017
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


28 responses to “Mars opposes Pluto: feeling the burn…

  1. My natal Mercury is 19* 59′ Cancer in the 12th house. I think I’ll just stay home and read.


  2. Yes Anne as a Sensitive its been tough so am seeking solitude even more than usual. Good to read this post to give clearer context to events. Thanks.

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  3. Friends said they were stuck in transit for two hours two days ago. a landslide blocked the road….
    The greedy will always try to find ways to get more, and I hope that Scout Hall will remain a beloved landmark.

    USA landmarks are in the spotlight – thankfully people are trying to protect this battered and abused planet! at the bottom, select any arrow for pop-up info…
    and it’s not just land… “they” are doing not-so-pretty things in the oceans too:

    it makes me sad that our ‘leaders’ continue to desecrate our planet. Nothing is sacred anymore, and I hope that we never tire of fighting for those who have no voice…


    • Well, fighting for those who have no voice has very much been your contribution through your art and community work where you are, Lisa! Hope to get to reading your new post later. Life is too energised and busy for my 12th House liking at present. However, transiting Pluto sextiles my Jupiter, with transiting Mars trining it: not energies demanding lying on the sofa…


  4. The-Canberra -Astrologer

    I’ve been watching as all this hovers around my Mars (17CN)/ Moon (19CN) in 4th opp PL/10th and just last week I read about something health/life related, acted on it and things got moving very fast, now I have a new career direction in the making.


  5. My natal Uranus, ruler of my 6th house is in the 11th house, at 19 degrees Cancer opposing natal Chiron 17 Capricorn in the 5th, and also squares natal Saturn-Neptune 21 LIbra in the 2nd. This April, transiting Pluto stationed 3 minutes short of an exact opposition to my natal Uranus. As Pluto began approaching that natal T-square I was ill in the late winter and grew worse in spring and there were a lot of major transitions set in motion in my (very left-brain) work. I’ve worked there 19 years, essentially a full nodal cycle, in nonprofit finance–when I started the job, the North Node had crossed my ASC a few months before, also a time of huge life upheavals. As Pluto retreated this year at the end of April, I got better and the sense of upheaval downshifted to a lower gear, though there is a sense of how temporary this stage is–Pluto will be at 19 degrees at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Now this current Mercury, Mars, Sun opposing Pluto and the apex of a t-square with transiting Jupiter and my natal 2nd house Saturn-Neptune (my conjoined and paradoxical planetary twins) is creating again a lot of anxiety, illness, exhaustion, and financial stress, yet also a renewed commitment to my creative work: writing and visual art. I see this as almost a pinpoint cleaving of my sense of self and the refuge I’ve taken in a certain survival mode. I’m aware of how much I’ve sat down at a crossroads of my life, holding on. The feeling that the person I was is dying away is very strong and many times very scary, too. (Oh yes, I haven’t even mentioned transiting Uranus is square my Cancer Sun! Good luck holding on, eh?) Most Interestingly, my Solar Return MC this year is 21 Libra, the apex of my natal T-square. Realism and faith, that resistant and necessary alchemic union–I name it Standing Up For Sacred Ground, the ground within us, the ground all around us.
    In general I’ve thought of this time of Pluto in Capricorn as a time of deep deep cleansing, right down to the bone, on both the societal, planetary, and personal scale. We have to hit rock bottom on some level–or many levels–to find solid ground–to begin again with what is real enough for some kind of sustainable future.
    And I had forgotten that the UK Moon is 19 Cancer. I empathize with the crossroads you are going through now!
    May plenty of healing energies travel in all directions over this world and into every being.


  6. Many thanks for this detailed, open sharing of your recent profound life experience, Melody, and for the wisdom and inner strength you have shown in dealing with some very difficult circumstances. As you say – and as I know personally! – there are indeed times when we have to hit rock bottom in order to begin again on a foundation which is more in line with the Sacred Ground, as you put it. I’ve never forgotten the late Howard Sasportas talking about how at its best, Mars (personal will) lines up with Pluto ( Universal Will) and takes us forward renewed and strengthened. But that takes honest inner work, which you have been doing. Thanks for your thoughts re the UK. We are certainly pretty near the bottom of SOMETHING, for sure!


  7. Via Facebook:
    Jennifer Rhind
    I am ranting a lot – and my rage is pretty much directed at the Westminster government and the lack of opposition! I cannot stand injustice, and I don’t like to feel powerless – so I’m ranting big time at home and here on Facebook! So are my politically aligned friends, so this really does capture the prevailing mood. Thanks for the post and the interesting discussion.


  8. Well, Jennifer, you are in great company… It’s Rantzville Arizona all over the place just now! And with good cause, as you point out…thanks for dropping by and for your positive comments on the post 🙋⚡️


  9. Via Facebook:
    Rena Hdesign:
    Always so good to read the explanations & share the experience! Mercury, Pluto, Sun transiting my natal 12th house – time to sit somewhere quiet and tell myself jokes…


  10. As long as it’s black humour, Rena!


  11. Via Facebook:
    Morgana Dee:
    Another thing is this upcoming full moon conjunct transit Pluto! I was checking that out last night and don’t like that at all. With the UK Moon degree, I hope you all will be safe over there, especially with the full moon activating this point.


  12. Yes, quite, Morgana…thanks for your good thoughts.


  13. Via Facebook:
    Kim Keenan:
    Having to do a whole lotta Reiki past few days and this Scorpio is not serene to begin with lol


  14. Well, I hope you realise I was joking about me and serene, Kim! We are surely not living in a serene energy field at present, so anything that works to calm/slow us down is to be welcomed…


  15. Maureen Leggat

    I find what you write very interesting. And like that you are in Glasgow!


  16. Thanks, Maureen. Keep dropping by!


  17. Well, as you know dear friend, it took me an extra 2 hours to get to Glasgow from Berwick! Sadly, I had a cheap ticket, so compensation from our sclerotic railway system will be equally modest. This certainly won’t pay for extra repairs to drains, gas pipes or lost car keys. What will be next? I’m putting on my tin hat and anticipating more possible outlays. Grrrr! xx


  18. Via Facebook:
    Hari KarKataka: Thank you for your personal examples. So many times when I read astrologers’ posts it seems they speak from an omniscient position. How much more helpful it is to understand the personal.


  19. Thanks, Hari, I really appreciate this response! We are all woven into the same universe – none of us are exempt from the challenges it presents. None of us have high ground to stand on…


  20. Via Facebook:
    Erica Jones:
    Hoooooooo yeah. Testy testy all around. I don’t usually like being this cranky…strangely, I’m rather possessed by this. Practicing mindfulness, as it is so much nicer to be aware and calm. But not always possible! Hah!


  21. Sounds like you are handling powerful energy well, Erica! Leaning into the sharp points, as good old Chogyam Trungpa would have said, is a good method for coping with it…But yes, as you can see from my post and all the comments, crankiness is pretty much a big part of this energy field…


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